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Still Blogging

December 9th, 2005


Hornswiggle is in Korea (See? He packed his toothbrush)

Yesterday we had the monthly “town hall” meeting with Fred and the gang. Fred encouraged us to keep blogging even if we had nothing much to report. Between the time the film ships and the day you get back a pencil test, nothing much happens. Luckily in my case, this down time is during the holidays. I’m currently examining my options for the background music. I met with Nick’s resident music master Jason Stiff this week. I know what I want - just gotta find the right person to give it to me.

I’m also busy on other projects (For one, I just wrote an article on the animated feature Oscar race for Daily Variety, which should appear in the December 14th issue).

Speaking of pencil tests, as I did above, the highlight of yesterday’s meeting was seeing the first pencil tests from the [Read more…]