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Pencil Test!

January 31st, 2006


I know you’re all dying to see some footage from HORNSWIGGLE. Melissa assures me that this will work. It’s the first time Hornswiggle meets Zan-Tar - and it’s love at first sight. (excuse the funky image)

Hornswiggle Pencil Test

Photos from the Recording Sessions #2

January 20th, 2006


Left to right: Director Rich Arons, voice actor Jeff Bennet (our ZAN-TAR) and me on October 28th, 2005 - after a frantic recording session. Why was it frantic? Mainly because we began at the Nicktoons recording studio inthe main building - then, mid-way through, we had to move to the “condos” next door to finish the session. I think there was a scheduling mix-up with “Catscratch” - I recall seeing Wayne Knight in the waiting area. Regardess, Jeff vocals were amazing.

Photos from the Recording Sessions #1

January 7th, 2006


Here’s a relaxed moment behind the scenes of the HORNSWIGGLE recording session at Nicktoon Studios on October 26th, 2005. That’s Rene (Hornswiggle) in the foreground and Maurice (Birdsdorf) behind the glass. I took a few photos that day with my funky disposable camera. I finally got around to getting it developed at a ONE HOUR PHOTO place yesterday. I will post a few others in the ensuing days… as I await the pencil tests to come in from Sun Woo.