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Still Under Construction

February 19th, 2006


The Hornswiggle pencil tests are in, corrections are being made and retakes have been ordered. It’s lookin’ good — scratch that… it’s lookin’ GREAT! Color footage should be in next week and the post production process (editing, sound effects, music, final mix, etc.) starts in March.

I love the look of all the “Frederator Newtoons” (I will henceforth refrain from using the term OH YEAH! CARTOONS as we are apparently seconds away from a new name for the series). I hope somebody does a line up with all the characters next to each other - it’ll look really cool.

Clean-up Test

February 1st, 2006


More animation: Here’s a silent clean up line test from HORNSWIGGLE. It’s Zan-Tar and he’s clearly in distress.

Zan-Tar clean-up test