April 4th, 2006


Congratulations to our very own fearless leader, for his guest shot on G4’s ATTACK OF THE SHOW on Monday. I was very proud when he mentioned RANDOM CARTOONS (Is that the first public announcement of the series beyond our humble blogs?). You looked great Fred, got all the main points said, and showed some great clips.

Good folks there at G4.

I was on the same show, back on January 21st 2005 (when the program was known as THE SCREEN SAVERS). That happened to be the very same day Rich Arons and I first pitched you the short now known as HORNSWIGGLE. With HORNSWIGGLE three days away from completion, I felt some cosmic synchronicity about your appearence!

Good job!

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Fred, You’re looking good! Where can i get than channel? -Steve


that* channel! -Steve


Is there any place to dowload this segment? I’d like to watch it.


Floyd, and all, I think I’ll be posting it later today. Watch out at the Channel Frederator blog.


Awesome job Fred!


Fred has cool glasses.


Thanks Jerry. Thanks everyone.


Hey Fred……
You’re lookin’ good.
I’d like to see the clip too; if I could. Thanks.
Fred; the cartoon force is with you!
We’re with you all the way.
Your Cartoon Pal in Crime…. Jeff


Hey Howdy,

Here’s a link to the interview, it’s streaming.


If…IF, this dosen’t work then use this link and do a search for Fred.


Smart cat that Fred Seibert.


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