April 5th, 2006


Wednesday and Thursday are technically the last two days of production on HORNSWIGGLE. Bill Burnett (Chalk Zone, Dr. Froyd’s Funny Farm) is doing my music, giving us the jungle rhythms we require. We mix sound on Thursday. I will have probably watched the film over 60 times during this post production process. I’m still not tired of it. The film gets better and better with each step - sound effects, color correction, dialogue edit, et al.

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Jerry your short is great! except, that image above doesnt look to appropriate lol. -Steve


asl pls?


Im 15. -Steve


thats one animation test we didnt passed in the office….. a big guy that really gave me a haedache


Jerry; continued fun and success!
I can’t wait to see Hornswiggle!
Take care, buddy.
Your Cartoon Pals….. Jeff and the Finster Boys


I agree with Stephen, that image looked like Hornswiggle was going to stick it to our hero there in the nether regions. Of course we all see what we want to see…does this make me gay? Not that there is anything wrong with that, I like the VIllage People.

Congrats Jerry….can’t wait to see the completed film…
Best wishes…


You guys have such dirty minds! I only know this scene in context of the film itself, and having watched it dozens of times I did not realize how this frame could be percieved out of context. What IS happening here is that Hornswiggle has just crashed a relaxing hot tub bath being shared by Zan-Tar and his monkey companion (Hmmm… NOT that there’s anything wrong with [i]that![/i]).

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