September 6th, 2006


Rule #362: Plug your character whenever, wherever you can.

I was interviewed by ABC’s NIGHTLINE last night for a story on classic cartoon censorship. You can watch it here, on YOU TUBE. I was able to position my HORNSWIGGLE postcard directly over my shoulder (on the right). It’s not actually legible, but it’s there!

I actually started chanting “Hornswiggle, Hornswiggle, Hornswiggle…” several times - but they edited that part out.

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Yeah! Go Jerry!


You should have worn the Hornswiggle horn! Nice interview by the way.


yea jerry! A little Subliminal Suggestion never hurt the Mass Consciousness any! Awesome.


I saw the segment.. and I thought to myself “hey I know that guy!!” it was a great interview.


wow, this cartoon you’re making is very poorly done. i think i’m going to start telling you how bad it is. i’m even going to write nickelodeon and tell them i’m going to boycott them until they stop airing crap. this poor excuse for animation belongs in canada right next to yam roll… but seriously, i’ve lost any respect i had for you or your show. good luck being a crotchity old man. hope that goes well for you.

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