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Entering POST!

March 11th, 2006


UPDATE: Just recieved our post production schedule. Retakes have been ordered to fix mistakes, tighten lip synch, and overall perfect the film. We will be “locking picture” on March 22.


March 7th, 2006


Oh boy! This is just a quick note to say I’m incredibly happy with the color footage that came in from HORNSWIGGLE. It looks wonderful and I’m delighted with the animation, timing, color and art direction. Came out just as we hoped. I’ll be blogging more often this month to keep you apprised of the production status.

To be continued…


March 2nd, 2006


Well NOT quite ready for delivery yet. Color footage rolls in this week, as we prepare for post production. Fred comes to town next week and maybe we will finally learn the name of the series all these cartoons will premiere under. Will they be announcing it at the Nickelodeon upfront sales presentation next Wednesday? That would be exciting!

Still Under Construction

February 19th, 2006


The Hornswiggle pencil tests are in, corrections are being made and retakes have been ordered. It’s lookin’ good — scratch that… it’s lookin’ GREAT! Color footage should be in next week and the post production process (editing, sound effects, music, final mix, etc.) starts in March.

I love the look of all the “Frederator Newtoons” (I will henceforth refrain from using the term OH YEAH! CARTOONS as we are apparently seconds away from a new name for the series). I hope somebody does a line up with all the characters next to each other - it’ll look really cool.

Clean-up Test

February 1st, 2006


More animation: Here’s a silent clean up line test from HORNSWIGGLE. It’s Zan-Tar and he’s clearly in distress.

Zan-Tar clean-up test

Pencil Test!

January 31st, 2006


I know you’re all dying to see some footage from HORNSWIGGLE. Melissa assures me that this will work. It’s the first time Hornswiggle meets Zan-Tar - and it’s love at first sight. (excuse the funky image)

Hornswiggle Pencil Test

Photos from the Recording Sessions #2

January 20th, 2006


Left to right: Director Rich Arons, voice actor Jeff Bennet (our ZAN-TAR) and me on October 28th, 2005 - after a frantic recording session. Why was it frantic? Mainly because we began at the Nicktoons recording studio inthe main building - then, mid-way through, we had to move to the “condos” next door to finish the session. I think there was a scheduling mix-up with “Catscratch” - I recall seeing Wayne Knight in the waiting area. Regardess, Jeff vocals were amazing.

Photos from the Recording Sessions #1

January 7th, 2006


Here’s a relaxed moment behind the scenes of the HORNSWIGGLE recording session at Nicktoon Studios on October 26th, 2005. That’s Rene (Hornswiggle) in the foreground and Maurice (Birdsdorf) behind the glass. I took a few photos that day with my funky disposable camera. I finally got around to getting it developed at a ONE HOUR PHOTO place yesterday. I will post a few others in the ensuing days… as I await the pencil tests to come in from Sun Woo.

Still Blogging

December 9th, 2005


Hornswiggle is in Korea (See? He packed his toothbrush)

Yesterday we had the monthly “town hall” meeting with Fred and the gang. Fred encouraged us to keep blogging even if we had nothing much to report. Between the time the film ships and the day you get back a pencil test, nothing much happens. Luckily in my case, this down time is during the holidays. I’m currently examining my options for the background music. I met with Nick’s resident music master Jason Stiff this week. I know what I want - just gotta find the right person to give it to me.

I’m also busy on other projects (For one, I just wrote an article on the animated feature Oscar race for Daily Variety, which should appear in the December 14th issue).

Speaking of pencil tests, as I did above, the highlight of yesterday’s meeting was seeing the first pencil tests from the [Read more…]


November 30th, 2005


Hornswiggle is packing his bags and going to Korea on Friday.

Jerry Beck is also packing his bags and going back to Hollywood on Friday.

Hornswiggle is being animated during the next 12 weeks. It’ll be exciting to see this cartoon come to life (several scenes in pencil test are expected to appear in late January and in February). Music, sound effects, and Final Mix scheduled for March & April. Oh boy!

This is NOT the final post on this blog. I plan to post more photos and art in the ensuing months…

It’s been great fun, met some great people and made some new friends during my 3 months in-house. I hope to appear at some of the Town Hall meetings in the ensuing months.

One thing I can say, in all sincerity, is that this show (OH YEAH! CARTOONS or whatever they wind up calling it) will be the best season [Read more…]