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Tag everybody!

March 3rd, 2006


…And I don’t mean graffitti…

This is all the Frederator cartoon character stars that (I know off so far) and I’ve been wanting to do this piece for awhile actually. Anyhow, I didn’t really color it because I still don’t know many of the color schemes, so left it greyscale. I’m going to update it once I find out about more cartoons in production here at Frederator.

…Enjoy everyone.

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I LOVE IT! _Steve


Holy crap, Andrew. That’s great.


THAT is absolutely cool.


Awesome!! You beat me to it! :P That is the coolest.


As Eric Homan said, “Holy crap!”
This is awesome Andrew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






Excellent, Andrew! Can’t wait to see the Tag pics that comes out of this!


I have to reply again!
WOW! Man.


Very Nice!


Greg, i was starting to think you disappeared! -Steve


This is increadible..I love it so much!! I hope these all go into an “Oh Yeah!” yearbook or something!!!


This looks great! But where is Moobeard?


Oh, now I see him ^_^




The coolest part of this piece is not that BRONK and BONGO finally appeared in this TAG competition, but in my opinion it’s how FANBOY is fawing over TEAPOT. Now that is attention to detail.

THat’s a fantastic piece…..

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