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The Gross Brothers Return Again

November 16th, 2007


The Gross Brothers are back in school trying to solve their most difficult mystery… Girls! Monty can’t understand why his stomach gets butterflies every time Paula Lobianco walks by his table during lunch time. And Nick is trying to figure out why he sliced into his hand with a scalpel during frog dissection just because he got paired with that know-it-all Suzy Lee during biology.
Joey Ahlbum

Hank Thompson: 1925 - 2007

November 13th, 2007


Another country music legend has joined the last round up. Hank Thompson died at the age of 82. In his lifetime he sold 60 million records. His early hit “The Wild Side of Life” helped kick start the career of Kitty Wells when her answer song “It Wasn’t God Who Made Honkey Tonk Angels” also became a hit. You can listen to some of his music tonight (Nov. 13th) on wkcr.org at 10 pm est.
Joey Ahlbum

Porter Wagoner: 1927-2007

November 9th, 2007


Country music legend Porter Wagoner died last week at the age of 80. He had a career that spanned five decades with many hit songs and a successful TV show. He also launched the career of Dolly Parton and was famous for his flashy Nudie suits named after the designer Nudie Cohn. Some of his best songs are “Satisfied Mind”, “Carol County Accident”, “Green Green Grass of Home”, and the classic “Rubber Room”.
Joey Ahlbum

Happy Halloween (Part Two)

October 31st, 2007


More art from Gullah Gullah Island. That wonderful kids’ show on Nick from a few years ago created and produced by the multi talented Kathy Minton.

Happy Halloween (PartOne)

October 26th, 2007


Here’s an image for all the folks heading out to Halloween parties this weekend. Hey, ever wish you could have a Wolfman plush toy? How ’bout a Mummy or even a Gimp? Now you can at Cuddly Rigormortis. It comes to you from the brilliant minds of Kris and Ed, the creative duo behind Cha Pow Digital.
Joey Ahlbum

SuperSam and Spot: Back in Action!

October 23rd, 2007


Here’s Super Sam and Spot chasing after the Big Apple’s wackiest super villains. As you know, cats have no fear of heights but I don’t think Sam is so lucky.
Chances are they’re trying to figure out where to get their next cup of coffee.

Aliens Attack: Part Two

October 17th, 2007

Here’s that clip for Chef Jr. that I promissed you. This was back in the bad ol’ days of cel paint and there’s a pretty nifty color transition that was accomplished by mixing many shades of paint in tiny cups. I got a real kick out of seeing this spot on the air.

Aliens Attack!

October 15th, 2007


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Fish Channel Color Model

October 11th, 2007


Here’s an image from one of my favorite episodes of Elmo’s World, “The Fish Channel”. Did you know that my lovely and talented wife Young Ok does all the beautiful color models? She’s also a terrific painter and she’s having a show this month at the Thomkins Square Library Gallery (331 East 10th Street, NYC). The opening is this Satuday from 2 to 5.

Happy Leif Erikson Day!

October 9th, 2007


Did you know that October 9th is Leif Erikson Day? He’s the viking credited with landing in North America 500 years before Columbus. Leif’s nickname?… Leif the Lucky.
BTW, vickings are fun to draw.
(Click on the SWF file to see Leif do his happy dance.)