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Kathleen Loves Music

James Hunter.

March 9th, 2006


The radio was on an NPR story and I wasn’t really listening that closely. It seemed strange to me that I’d never heard the song, and why was Sam Cooke signing with James Brown’s Famous Flames? But when James Hunter started speaking with a thick English accent it snapped into focus.

From what I can tell James toured with Van Morrison in the 90s and he has that same reverance and soul for 50s and 60s R&B. Which is just fine with me. The band lopes and rocks, his voice and guitar groove along, the songs do a nice job. The figures are a little sloppy, the singing a bit ragged, but it all fits together really nicely. And it’s fun for someone to commit so completely to this kind of music in today’s harder, edgier world.

Leave it to the English. They love our American music, more than we do sometimes.


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I’ve seen this KATHLEEN LOVES MUSIC but didn’t realize that one of the links was to the actual track! I love it! And i love this track.

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