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Hank Jones.

May 20th, 2006


Jason Plapp (co-creator of Bradwurst, “the only character who’s ass you can see from all directions”) asked me about some jazz he could check out. I assume because I started my career as a jazz record producer. So Jason’s giving me inspiration to search out and post some of my favorite jazz tracks. There won’t be any other rhyme or reason other than that I like them, but maybe they’ll be useful pointers. And I’ll link to Wikipedia biographies to help guide whatever sketches I put up.

Hank Jones is one of the great journeymen of his (and our) time. He comes from Detroit, made his name as a bebopper in the 40s, and settled in as one of the most versatile stylists of any era, equally comfortable in music popular before and after his coming of age. His brothers Elvin (from John Coltrane’s great quartet) and Thad (Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Big Band) also achieved some jazz fame.

Luck allowed me to produce this ‘comeback’ album in 1977 when Hank surfaced after a 25 year studio gig at CBS Television in New York. We opted for a trio setting with great tunes composed by Charlie Parker and Thelonious Monk. Hank, George Duvivier (bass), and Ben Riley (drums) were in a relaxed and deep groove, which probably accounted for the Grammy nomination this now out-of-print LP received. (Nods to Alan Goodman for writing the liner notes, and Eric’s Homan’s hometown hero John Updike for inspiring the title.

Hank Jones: piano
George Duvivier: bass
Ben Riley: drums


…:::PS Jason, check out my post on Miles Davis’ , probably my favorite ‘perfect’ jazz recording.

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Thanks Fred
I really like this one.


Excellent, a bunch of others of different styles are coming.


Yes, this is a really smooth track. Makes me want to slip on some shades and smoke. Are there any Jazz podcasts that you listen to that you could recommend?


Manny, actually there aren’t, but it’s because I haven’t looked (too busy with video and news). I’ll check now and get back to you.


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