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The Toys and Elvis Costello & the Attractions.

May 28th, 2006

I thought I’d take a jazz break for a couple of completely unrelated pop songs that have re-turned me on lately.

The Toys > A Lover’s Concerto
The Toys were truly a one-hit wonder. A great underrated producer, Bob Crewe (The Four Seasons, Mitch Ryder), took Bach’s Minuet in G, put on a Motown bass lined married to a girl group trio, and presto! one of the greatest tracks of one the greatest pop years (1965).


Elvis Costello & the Attractions > Pump It Up
The other day I was killing a few minutes at Virgin Records and a track started that made me wonder what new group could groove so hard. Turns out it wasn’t a new group at all (haven’t heard a rock band with a deeeeep beat in a long time). Elvis Costello & the Attractions second album. Pump It Up. The volume, I mean.

The Toys > A Lover’s Concerto
Elvis Costello & the Attractions > Pump It Up

Crummy audio alert!

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