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Ashley Kahn’s “The House That Trane Built”

June 24th, 2006


Ashey Kahn is an author and radio reporter for NPR who followed me at my college radio station about 20 years after. We got to know each other a little about five years ago, and I got turned on to his series of behind-the-jazz-scenes books.
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Duke Ellington.

June 22nd, 2006


So let’s get back to Jason’s jazz primer.

I know next to nothing about Duke Ellington other than the dozens of records I have of his that I love. This one is my favorite. (And as I route around for internet info, many agree.) Recorded in 1957, this is a low-key, stunning track with his full group, and a rare Duke piano solo. I’ve never had any interest in the ‘big bands’ of jazz, but Ellington actually used his as an orchestra, and when the stars are aligned there’s nothing more beautiful.

I can’t give any tips to steer you towards the ‘best’, but iTunes is a great place to audition. Pick a sound that suits you and buy. In the meanwhile, Ellington Indigos is a great place to start.

The real Ornette.

June 20th, 2006


From the Kathleen this blog was named for:

“… in response to something you posted on the music site (to quote):
‘And what about his crazy, unique name? Google it and you’ll see there are no others. Just like his music…’

“So (of course), I took up the challenge and found some other soul named Ornette and felt the need to let you know about it. I love a challenge. A friend and I have a joke that (for all of us) our most irritating qualities are also our most endearing ones. So…. consider my need to find another Ornette somewhere in the world the result of one my irritating (and therefore endearing) qualities.”