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Aaron Neville.

October 15th, 2006


Aaron Neville > This Is My Story/We Belong Together

It was bound to happen. Baby boomers have heard their favorite songs on the radio so darn much they’re searching for newer, fresher versions. Being ahead of the curve as usual, I started my quest about 20 years ago with this fabulous EP of doo-wop covers by the original he-could-sing-the-phonebook guy Aaron Neville.

It was hard to pick the best of the five original tracks (and there are four bonus tracks on the CD reissue) –I really feel like posting all of them– so I gave you a two-fer medley (originally by Gene & Eunice and Robert & Johnny). If you don’t already know Aaron maybe you’ll get the impulse to buy lots more of his stuff. Even the dross is worth it.

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