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Cecil Taylor Unit > Spring of Two Blue-J’s

April 19th, 2007

Front cover

Cecil Taylor

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One time, my sister’s cat ran across my mother’s piano. This track reminds me a lot of that.


I figured it was more like an elephant, and then the file was sped up.


Wow Fred! You remember everything!


kathleen loves music & i love kathleen


I have a vinyl copy of this, and a treasured possession it is. Thanks for your part in it. Unfortunately, the audio file is only the first side.


Thanks for this illuminating and fascinating post. I downloaded the whole thing from another blog (’Church Number Nine’) - it may no longer be up there. The opportunity to see the artwork and here about the creation of the record is very welcome. Thankyou.


Totally Great. Thank Fred for the Ears and God for Cecil Taylor.


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