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Hank Jones > Bop Redux

December 26th, 2007

Hank Jones > 'Bop Redux
This Hank Jones post has been moved here. So sorry for the inconvenience.

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[…] soon as we saw the incredible reaction to our first release with Hank Jones, Bop Redux , in 1977 it was clear to Muse Records’ founder Joe Fields and me we needed to record a […]


[…] was at a disastrous Muse session in Brooklyn that I called my friend, Muse liner note writer, and future partner Alan Goodman to come and help me figure out whether to stop trying to make a […]


[…] The Grammy nomination actually came after Oblivion went belly up. It was for Hank Jones and his album Bop Redux. […]


[…] Nick Moy pointed out this Washington Post obituary on jazz pianist Hank Jones. Partly because of the two records I produced in the 70s when Nick and I were roommates, but mainly because there were very […]

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