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Charles Walker & The New York City Blues Band > Blues From The Apple

March 7th, 2008

This “Blues from the Apple” post has been moved here. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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your label was called oblivion fred? all this stuff is great. thanks so much for posting these tiny treasures.


Oblivion Records, that’s right. We stole it from the back of a Leo Kottke album because we thought he was kidding when he said his first album was on Oblivion.


Still alive and kicking–Nice to find. Not all the history quite as I remember it but most on the money. A fine job andnice to hear this again. Still sounds great.


[…] There isn’t any information that can be found on the internets about Gilt Edge Records, other than Private Cecil Gant recorded for them in the 1940s. And I don’t really know all that much about Cecil other than that he wrote a neat song (”I’m a Good Man But a Poor Man“) I recorded on an obscure blues album in 1974. […]

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