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Harold Ousley > Sweet Double Hipness

March 18th, 2009

 Harold Ousley
Harold Ousley
Thanks Matthew Glass, for this LP Cover

Harold Ousley
Sweet Double Hipness

Muse Records MR 5141

Produced by Bob Rose, Harold Ousley, & Frederick Seibert *

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Side A
1. Uncle Funky*

2. The Prodigal Son**

3. One for the Masses**

Side B
1. Sweet Double Hipness*

2. Come Get It, I Got It**
3. Feel Like Makin’ Love*

From the liner notes: 
Harold Ousely - tenor saxophone
Norman Simmons - piano
Victor Sproles - bass
Steve Butler - drums
Ralph Dorsey - congas
Steve Kroon - percussion
Holly Hamilton & Edna Holt - vocals

Harold Ousley - tenor saxophone
Neal Creque - piano
Bob Rose - guitar
Jay Leonhart - bass
Jim Young - drums
Danny Barrajanos - percussion

Recorded at Sound Ideas, NYC - March 28, 1972
Engineer: George Klabin
Cover Photo by Hugh Bell
Cover design by Ron Warwell
For a free catalog send to MUSE RECORDS, A DIVISION OF BLANCHRIS, INC., 160 WEST 71st STREET, NEW YORK, N.Y. 10023
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