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Linc Chamberland > A Place Within

May 22nd, 2009

Linc Chamberland > A Place Within

Linc Chamberland > A Place Within [back liner]

Linc Chamberland
A Place Within
Muse Records  5064

Produced by Fred Seibert
A guitarist’s guitarist, a musician’s musician, Linc Chamberland was a well kept secret, cherished by those who knew the secret (like Felix Cavaliere, who recruited him for the jazzy era Rascals). This LP was the first of his two solo jazz dates, both for Muse, and was one of my first professional recordings.
Fred Seibert

Side A
1. Indeed

2. Stella by Starlight

3. Majong

4. What’s New

Side B
1. A Place Within++

2. 1957++

3. Three Thing

Linc Chamberland: electric guitar
Dave Liebman: tenor saxophone +, soprano saxophone ++
Lyn Christie: bass
Bob Leonard: drums

Recorded June 16 & 17, 1976
Dimensional Sound, NYC
Engineer: Skip Juried
Art Direction/Design/Photography: Al Wilson

Dave Liebman Courtesy of A&M/Horizon Records

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