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Walter Bishop Jr. > Hot House

May 27th, 2009

Walter Bishop Jr. > Hot House

Walter Bishop Jr. > Hot House [back liner]

Walter Bishop Jr.
Hot House
Muse Records 5183

Produced by Frederick Seibert

I look back on my short, shallow, recording career and am stunned by the world class talent I was honored to help. Totally aside from listening firsthand to some of my favorite tunes (Move being one).

1. Dahoud*

2. Sophisticated Lady/A Time For Love

3. Hot House*

1. Move*

2. My Little Suede Shoes*

3. Wave

4. All God’s Children

Walter Bishop Jr.: piano
Sam Jones: bass
Bill Hardman: trumpet*
Junior Cook: tenor saxophone*

Recorded at C.I. Recording
December 14, 1977 & March 14, 1978*
Engineered by Chuck Irwin & Elvin Campbell*

Cover design: Ron Warwell
Cover photograph: Clarence Eastmond

Copyrights and masters owned by their respective owners. I’m posting many of my out-of-print record productions from the 1970s. If any of them are re-released, or the copyright owners object, I’ll delete the posts. 

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