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Electric Flag. And Howlin’ Wolf.

May 1st, 2006


Electric Flag > Killing Floor

Continuing in a 1968 vein, Electric Flag’s A Long Time Comin’ was made almost at exactly the same moment as yesterday’s KLM pick, and mined a lot of the same territory with a bluesier vein.

And I’ve got to say, it took me years to realize that Killing Floor was one of the 50 greatest songs written and by one Chester Burnett, aka the Howlin’ Wolf. (It was probably the anti-Vietnam War Lyndon Johnson snippet at the beginning re-casting the title sentiment that threw me off.) The track hits the groove from the first downbeat and never lets it go. No one cares that Nick Gravenites is a white guy, Mike Bloomfield plays his guitar to prove his reputation, and Buddy Miles is so solid you don’t wonder why Jimi Hendrix wanted to play with him so badly.

I don’t think it’s nostalgia that makes me play loudly over and over. The original is [Read more…]