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Mississippi Fred McDowell > Live in New York

March 10th, 2008

The post for Mississippi Fred McDowell  has moved here. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Charles Walker & the New York City Blues Band > Oblivion Records

December 30th, 2006

Charles Walker & the New York City Blues Band > Blues from the Apple
Charles Walker & the NYC Blues Band > Scratch My Back

The whole story of this record is too long and too good to go into in one short blog post. (Some day on the Oblivion blog.) Suffice it to say it goes from discovery to borrowed guitars in South Bronx pawn shops to money borrowed from friends to a Harlem funeral with dueling, crying wives.

My friend and partner Tom Pomposello was a bluesman (Italian, from Long Island, but truly, a bluesman) with an evangelical vision of New York, more known for Frank Sinatra and the Brill Building than blues. I’ve forgotten right now where he first met Charles, but Tom became convinced he was the ticket.

Subsequently he fell for every scam Charles laid on us, particularly the ones that required an immediate cash outlay (”You can never move too fast in this business, Fred.”) all the way to Charles’ aforementioned [Read more…]

Mississippi Fred McDowell > Oblivion Records

December 30th, 2006

Live in New York [LP cover CLEANER LARGER]
Mississippi Fred McDowell > My Babe

In late 1971 I was 20 years old and visiting my hippie friend Tom Pomposello at his “liberation” record store in our home town of Huntington, Long Island. He asked if my college radio staion had any recording equipment, and would I please come to the (Greenwich) Village Gaslight and record him playing bass with bluesman Mississippi Fred McDowell. The only blues I knew about was what I’d seen during the rock blues revival at the Fillmore East like B.B. and Albert Kings, but I figured that anyone with “Mississippi” in their name playing the very cool Gaslight must be famous. How Tom came to be playing with anyone famous is a question unanswered to this day. I dragged my friend Roy down with me and the mono tape recorder; we recorded the show and played it on my radio show.

A couple of years later Tom and I got the bright idea [Read more…]

Joe Lee Wilson > Oblivion Records.

December 23rd, 2006

Joe Lee Wilson > Livin' High Off Nickels and Dimes
Joe Lee Wilson > It’s You or No One

After having the time of my life playing Farfisa organ in blue eyed rock/soul bands during high school, I decided George Martin and Jerry Wexler were my new role models. I’d become a “record producer”. Having no actual idea what that meant, my buddy Tom Pomposello and I borrowed a few dollars and started Oblivion Records. We’d record blues records to slake his passion and jazz records for my recently invented one.

Four LPs later a few of my college radio pals kept ragging me that I’d missed the session of a lifetime when I was out the hot July night Joe Lee Wilson played live at WKCR-FM on Sharif Abdus-Salaam’s program.

I hadn’t particularly liked most jazz singing before (or since) but this tape blew me away and we immediately made plans to release it (difficult when you’re completely broke and most of the other records you’ve released didn’t [Read more…]