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Kyle + Rosemary

I’m a weiner!

August 7th, 2007

Here I present, in crappy YouTubeVision (it’s imbeddable, unfortunately) a machinima film I created, third in my Snacky’s Journal series, that swept the Blizzcon (Blizzard Entertainment’s Gaming Convention) Machinima Contest over this past weekend and took home the Grand Prize. Yes, you heard right. I beat the pants off of everyone else. I was a little surprised. Anyway, the film was screened for a huge convention audience - about 4,000 or so people I would guess.

You’ll notice some actual animation in there. Perhaps this is cheating? I don’t know the rules any more. I’m creating a sort of hybrid entertainment. I gotta have SOMEthing to do while waiting for my Nickelodeon short to air….!

Anyway, the convention was awesome and I met (and drank with) many of my fellow machinima-makers, and also a lot of talented Blizzard employees. Blizzard is pretty much the most successful gaming company in the world right [Read more…]

Snacky 2

May 11th, 2007


…And this machinima series continues, for as long as I have the time to keep on making em! There’s some…gasp…ACTUAL ANIMATION in this episode. Well, a little bit. You can also catch this show, in all its high-resolution-streaming glory, on the excellent DivX Stage 6 streaming site. You might have to download a plug-in, but believe me, it’s worth it. It makes this YouTube version look like, well, cat poop.

Snacky’s Journal

March 8th, 2007

The Pilot Episode of a new machinima show I’ve begun. How long can I keep it up? We’ll see! Safe for all ages. And you might recognize the voice of Angie the elf.

Warcraft Machinima

January 30th, 2007

I’ve been hardcore dabbling in machinima for over a year now, as those who have visited my website have perhaps figured out. Since Floyd recently shared a Sims machinima he found, I would like to share with you some of the great World of Warcraft machinima pieces that I and my fellow filmmakers have created, that, if you’re not tapped into the machinima community, you may have missed. World of Warcraft is not only a hugely popular online MMORPG worldwide, but has one of, if not the, largest machinima communities on the internet.

First off, here is a silly 2 minute piece I created, a fictional movie trailer for a 60’s teen beach type thing.

Next, another trailer, this one dramatic, from Terran and Ezra at Rufus Cubed Productions. They really show what you can do with the medium. Terran went on to work at Blizzard, and also on the South Park Warcraft episode.

A commercial [Read more…]

The End

January 29th, 2007


Like so many that have come before, Kyle + Rosemary, the short, is wrapped. We mixed it at Oracle Post last Thursday.

Did I mention my composer, Klaus Badelt? No, I didn’t, but he did an awesome job with the music. It’s really romantic and beautiful. I’ve always wanted to work with Klaus on a film, and although we nearly did in 2004, that didn’t end up working out. I’m glad he agreed to score my short, and I hope we can work together on something longer in the future.

Time for more thanks: First off, I’d like to thank the incomparable Larry Huber, for being there for me at H-B and back again at Nick. Thanks to Fred Seibert and Claudia Spinelli for being the executives that artists always dream about. Thanks to the production folk, Eric, Melissa, Kevin, Therese, Jack, Mac, Scott, and Eric for putting up with my smart assery. [Read more…]

Dude, I am so totally blogging right now

December 8th, 2006


OK, so I’m a bad blogger. Well, the main reason, besides the fact that I’m doing a hundred different things extra-curricularly, is that I have ANOTHER blog, my REAL BLOG, on my website. Well, it’s not so much of a blog as a what’s happenin’ updater kind of thing. But I guess, so is this, if you think about it. I consider the ‘purist’ blog to be more like an online diary of a person’s life, and their feelings and stuff like that. Isn’t that what started the whole blog craze?

ANYway, Kyle+Rosemary is PICTURE LOCKED. Whoah! When did that happen? A big thankyou to Michael Benet and SYNERGY ANIMATION for really coming through for me on both the 2-d and the 3-d, at the same time, in the same studio. It was like the 2-d and the 3-d were, um, holding hands! And skipping down the street! And living [Read more…]


November 14th, 2006

This is great. Someone’s master’s thesis in animation. Just sharing.

Eye Candy

October 19th, 2006

Enjoy some screenshots! At this point, Synergy Animation has sent over a whole lot of great stuff, both traditional and tradigital. I’m really interested to see what the reaction will be to the final film!


Kyle gets ready to enter a magical realm of magical-ness.

[Read more…]

K+R Postcard

October 16th, 2006


Ditto! What Mike said below!

Oh yeah, if you look closely, you can see what some of the game characters look like [Read more…]

Meanwhile, in the Geek World

October 6th, 2006

Kyle + Rosemary is coming along very nicely over at Synergy Animation, and I promise that I will post some new images soon. I also promise to update the ‘official’ website that I made.

Meanwhile, I’ve up and created two new pieces of Machinima. These are currently entries in a contest over at Xfire, and you do have to download their client in order to view them (contest rules, I’m afraid), but it is free.


Beach Party 2

[Read more…]