Matte Plastic

He’s on his way!

April 22nd, 2008


After getting to help Floyd and Lisa with the Fredbot logo animation, I just felt like I needed to try and do a toy of the ol FredBot. So, I found this figure of Gigantor - kinda looks similar to our intrepid entrepreneurial giant robotic friend with dangerously spikey eyebrows? I found the figure at Big Bad Toy Store - they’re a great online store if you’re having trouble finding something or just don’t want to mess with hunting in the stores! I’ve shopped with them before they even had a store and have never had a problem with them! Anyway, he’s been shipped and is en route. I have some Aves Fixit Sculpt, tools, paintbrushes, X-acto blade, and a bunch of band-aids! Gotta order some paints and then we’ll be ready to roll on the modifications! I’ll be sure to take pics of the mod process I go through!

And, yes, he’ll be staying out of the package! Unless, I make a carded package for him, hmmmm….


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