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Super Heroically cute!

April 23rd, 2008


Ok, I don’t have any of these little guys, but I ‘ve been tempted - they’re just a lot of fun looking. I suppose if I had a kid in that age group, then I’d have all of them ;-) I have a daughter, so she’s got an armada of Littlest Pet Shops that could probably take out that pile of Heroes with even more cuteness and instinctive animal visciousness. (the cuter it is, the more dangerous)
I got this image from HERE That site also had images from the New York Comic Con and there seems to be a ton of cool stuff coming out! Be sure to check out the section on the Marvel Legends figures - they’ve got a few new build-a-figure sets coming that look amazing! A giant Fin Fang Foom figure - says he’s over 15 ” tall. For those of you not familiar, he’s a giant dragon from the Marvel comics.

Man, I tried to reign in my figure collecting to mostly Transformers (for reasons of space), but these Marvel figures are probably going to suck me back in! I need a bigger office space, I’m sure the boss would think that was a justified reason - HA!

In the meantime, go open those figures - they’ll take up less space that way!


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