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2-1B in package or not 2-1B in package….

April 25th, 2008


I know I yammer a lot about opening your figures. It’s just something I’m pretty adament about. I mean, it’s toys after all! BUT, action figure packaging has become quite cool over the past years. They’ve gone from being just standard rectangular cards or boxes to being oblong, specialized shapes, etc.

The Star Wars figure packaging is pretty cool looking. The cut out of the shape definitely feels like it fits with the style of the movies. Plus, now they put twistie-ties and rubber bands on everything to hold them in place and make it harder for shoplifters to swipe them. So, it is kind of an effort to get the figures out of their packaging. But…..

See how much happier our little medical droid is here - all out of that confining plastic. He looks much happier now than the Padme figure. Even in her crazy dominatrix outfit, she looks quite depressed to be locked in her plastic tomb, unable to reach her clear plastic accessory - a cup? a flashlight? Uh, not too sure!

And now, 2-1B’s free to make use of all his joints! Articulation is amazing in toys nowadays. The old figures had about 5 points of articulation, figures today seem to have about 9-10 at least! (and they’re usually full range joints!)

Now, I know people use the argument that the figures are “worth” more if they’re in the package. Well, that certainly is true in the case of the original Star Wars figures. Man, if you had them mint in package today, you’d be sitting on a small fortune. But I think the days of saving figures for a huge investment are kind of gone. Not many people thought too much about saving their figures back then, so they’re fairly rare to find them now in good shape, etc. So, there’s a greater numbr of people collecting toys today and storing them away - hoping to one day cash in on them. But if so many people have them available, then their price really isn’t going to go up that much. But there are plenty of exclusive figures out there - those have a limited production run, so if you get some of those and keep them mint in box, then you stand to make a good price on them down the road.

Ultimately, it depends on why you are collecting these crazy hunks of plastic. Is it in the hopes of making money, or is it just for pure enjoyment? I know there are people that hope to make a buck on them so they buy multiples of them - one to open, others to save! If you’ve got the space and money to do it then have at it! As for me, I still collect them for the burst of childlike adrenaline I get from still enjoying them. Transformers are my favorites and half of their appeal is the fact that they transform! To leave them in package would pretty much ruin half their appeal! But, just like everything in life, we get free-choice - so keep them in package or open them. But they sure are a heck of a lot more fun out of the package!

Now, if you will excuse me, I’ve got a random short alien Jedi to get out of his package!


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