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WALL·E toys are here

May 24th, 2008

Wall·e toy

WALL·E toys are showing up in toy stores everywhere. Today I dropped some money on the U Repair WALL·E figure that you can take apart and reassemble.

Here is a quick video of some of the various WALL·E toys that are available…

For the mid range collector types, the InterAction Talking WALL·E might be a good choice. It seems to be the equevelent of the talking Buzz Lightyear figures that were so popular during the first Toy Story film release.

If you are a really hard core collector, and you have around $190 bucks to spend, you might want to look into this toy…

I usually don’t buy the Pixar toys (I think the last one I picked up prior to my purchase today was a Zurg figure) but I may have to pick up some more WALL·E figures.

-Floyd Bishop 

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