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Changing technology is such a bear…

June 6th, 2008

Ok, so I’ve been out of it for a while…..actually since the whole blog boards got changed. I apologize for that - had some trouble getting a login to work (new tech, new login, user error). But now that I’ve got a login that works I gotta figure out how to use this new format - heck, I’ve not really seen the blogs so much since the change.
You would think that me being in a tech field (videogames) that I’d be used to change or at least able to easily adapt to it. Unfortunately, quite the contrary - changes to computer programs and operating systems always tend to do nothing more than frustrate me and tick me off. Why does Windows need to change!? It just needs to let me see my files and start programs - period. I don’tcare if my icons wiggle and dance! ;-)
I will say when an advancement makes practical sense then that’s fantastic! Like in toys (naturally!) It’s phenomenal to see the advancements in actions figures and toys! To go from 4 points of articulation to 30 and amazing details added to the sculpts!! I plan on getting a few posts on here about some neat advancements in some of my fave toy lines, starting with capes on Star Wars figures. But, uh, I gotta figure out how to get images posted in here again. Sigh, I’m not near old enough to have this difficulty with technology! Heck, my wife just gave me a cell phone this past Easter - I still can’t do anything more than answer the phone with it. And you know what? What the heck else do you NEED to do with a phone!?

Well….it’s been a real drought on toys during my downtime - BUT - I finally found some of the new Transformers Animated figures! So, they’re creeping out ther - keep a sharp eye and get those things out of their packages!!


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