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Mind the Kitty

Smoke Monster Short of DOOM

February 26th, 2008

(NSFW, due to an impressive string of curse words and smokey angst)

So I know this has nothing to do with Mind the Kitty, but I thought I would share nonetheless. I am a huge Lost fan, and I started this little Youtube short several months ago and just got around to finishing it last night. It’s far from brilliant–actually, it’s pretty ridiculous–but I thought it came out funny enough.

My coworker Peter M from Renegade voiced the Smoke Monster…most of it is just him improvising. He has the mad voiceover skills, and is also the voice of Mr. Messy on The Mr. Men Show. Thanks Pete!



Shameless Self-promotion

November 25th, 2007



It’s that time of year again…time for shameless self-promotion!

I’m listing some of my strange (non-MTK) art on Ebay, just to see what happens. Want to support women in art? Why not bid on a unique holiday gift, created with colored pencils, quiet desperation, gouache, and a considerable amount of black illustration board.

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Tabby…calm down.

August 3rd, 2007


It’s been a Mind the Kitty sort of day, so I thought I’d post a Mind the Kitty sort of doodle. I’m just hangin’ out, drawing storyboards for a new show called “Mr. Men” at Renegade and waiting for the Random shorts to air. Thankfully, though, I like to think I have more patience than Tabby. Honestly I don’t trust her with that chainsaw right now.

Aside from storyboarding–which I am enjoying immensely–I’ve been drawing pinup girls with these ladies and working on an extremely low-quality LOST fan film. Yes, this does officially mean that I have no life.

Who went to Comicon? Who had fun?

Generic New Post

December 5th, 2006


Look! It’s the animation equivalent of embarrassing candid photos! Really Old Drawings…

I forget exactly when these were done; I think I was a freshman in art school. This was “visual development” for a pitch packet–a concept called “Little Black Duck” that was pretty much the great-great grandmother of what eventually became “MTK.”

Notice the “freaky” club scene in the background–originally I had it in mind that this was going to air on Adult Swim. This is also one of the first drawings I ever did of Lemurman. HOT.

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MTK Flash Game

October 13th, 2006


For a while, I was thinking about putting together a Flash game for MTK…and it looks like the uber-talented Avi Tuchman has beat me to it!

Avi has been an intern at Frederator NY this past summer, and started work on the game after seeing the short! He’s been using Flash for about six years now, and the game took him just 2 months to design and program.

So I have to say, THANK YOU Avi! The game will be up on the MTK website very soon! And now, I have a new mission…to get on the high score list! Mwahaha….
To PLAY, Click here!


August 16th, 2006


Tabby and the gang are braving the opressive heat and heading to Palm Springs on August 27th, where they’ll be featured as part of a film festival with the longest abbreviated name in the known universe.

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Tabby ROCKS…out.

July 28th, 2006


Yesterday, Dahveed posted a quick sketch I did of Teapot, complete with wincing bystanders!

So here, as I promised, is Dahveed’s super-cute take on Tabby! I imagine the scene to be somewhere in the distant future, as Tabby tours with her underground, psychotic punk rock band. I can only imagine the trouble she gives her poor, equally psychotic mother. Tsk.



July 26th, 2006


Whew! The MTK gang just got back from Comicon last week…and we’re just now getting around to doing all-important things like unpacking! And updating the blog!

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Freaky Childhood Art Time!

June 26th, 2006


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So very, very lost!

June 12th, 2006


I guess Duck finally found his way off of the crazy LA metro…but it looks like that group field trip to Australia didn’t go so well! Maybe they can get together and sue Oceanic Airlines when it’s all over. [Read more…]