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Ten Minutes or Less!

March 27th, 2006



Films. We’ve Got Films.

March 23rd, 2006


This is a picture of The Nicktoons Network Animation Festival mailbox. We risk lockjaw every day just by seeing what shorts are being submitted. Talk about dedication. Anyhoo, the call for entries was put out just last week, and we’re already getting some films in. Good ones, too. Hats off to you, Early Birds. Maybe we should hand out special awards just for you. Thanks for entering.



March 15th, 2006


Hey, Cartoon Filmmakers. The Nicktoons Network Animation Festival Website is up and running. Go here, fill out the forms, send in your cartoon short, and become a hero to animation fans worldwide.


PS Yeah, I know, the deadline is May 31, a virtual eon away. However, don’t wait until the last minute and have your film arrive in our mailbox among 20,000 other shorts.

Call For Entries Today

March 15th, 2006


The Ides of March are upon us, and, if you’re a maker of cartoon shorts, you should be submitting to the Nicktoons Network Animation Festival 2006. The Call for Entries begins today and lasts through the end of May. All the information you need can be found at the Festival Website (or, will be found once it’s up and running - don’t ask us why it’s not, yet). In the meantime, just know we’re looking for animation of any type under ten minutes. Suitable for a family audience. Funny is money, but not mandatory. The Festival itself will be held at the end of August.


Nonexclusive rights

March 1st, 2006