The Nicktoons Network Animation Festival

Andreas Deja Onboard As Juror

May 23rd, 2006


We’re all really excited about our panel of judges for the Festival. Please keep watching this blog for a little info on each, starting with Andreas Deja, the famous Disney lead animator. If you’re a Los Angeleno you’ve probably had a chance to hear Andreas speak about the art of animation. During a special tribute to Ward Kimball presented by Disney several years ago, Andreas pulled a lot of Ward’s work from the Disney archives and explained why, in terms of composition, staging and movement, Ward’s work is so inspirational. It was amazing to see Andreas, who is such a refined and accomplished artist, actually “flip” scenes of Ward’s animation. With his keen eye, Andreas was able to point out the smallest of line shapes that gave character to Ward’s animation. Andreas himself is known for just this subtle touch. You can really tell his genius in such films as “Lilo & Stitch” when he gives Lilo time to “act.” Remember the moment when Lilo is pouting and listening to Elvis music? How just a move of her lip and nose said it all? That’s Andreas! A great animator at his best - acting, by just letting a charater “be.” Thanks for joining us Andreas. We’re honored to have your astute eye and love of the art working to define this year’s top winners.

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I LOVE Andreas! He is such a kind, inspiring, and talented animator! I am glad I got to work with him on “Hercules”, and have attended many of his wonderful lectures. He truely cares very deeply about animation, and his work reflects that.


Andreas is a great person and a huge talent. I bow down to him.


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