The Nicktoons Network Animation Festival

Seth MacFarlane

June 9th, 2006


If you ever needed proof of all the good things that can come from a short film look no further to our Juror, Seth MacFarlane.

Easily one of the youngest people ever to create a television series, Seth MacFarlane began his career studying animation and design at the Rhode Island School of Design, where he created the animated short film “The Life of Larry.” He impressed Hanna-Barbera executive Ellen Cockrill who encouraged MacFarlane to move to Los Angeles in 1995 to create and direct a short film for their shorts incubator What A Cartoon! After moving to L.A., he went on to work on numerous animated series, including “Ace Ventura,” “Jungle Cubs” and “Johnny Bravo.”

MacFarlane’s big break came when the producers of MADtv discovered “The Life of Larry” and approached him to air it as four short segments. Although that deal fell apart, executives at FOX recognized his talent and gave him a shot to create a primetime animated series of his own. Over the next six months, MacFarlane created, animated, wrote, directed and provided all the main male characters’ voices for what became FAMILY GUY. Utilizing all his contacts, friends and resources to produce the seven-minute short, he delivered it in May 1998 and just weeks later it was picked up. MacFarlane went on to receive an Emmy Award for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance for his role as Stewie Griffin, and FAMILY GUY has garnered two nominations for Outstanding Animated Series. In 2002, he also receive an Emmy for Outstanding Music and Lyrics for FAMILY GUY.

MacFarlane also serves as co-creator/executive producer/voice actor on the FOX animated series AMERICAN DAD. His additional television credits include serving as consulting producer on “The Pitts” and a guest-starring role on “Gilmore Girls.” MacFarlane also wrote and directed the animated feature “Party Animals” for 20th Century Fox.

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Seth is an amazingly funny guy! His oh yea short Zoo whatever it was wasnt that great but I love all his other work, and he has a cool voice lol


Ellen Cockrill (currently a senior executive at Universal Animation) was our Hanna-Barbera development executive who championed Seth as a cartoon creator while he was still at RISD, after seeing his senior film in the college’s year-end wrap up show.


But does he call her? Noooooooooooooooo!


I really didn’t know he also made johonny bravo. Weird because I hate that show but love family guy.


weird I didn’t know he made johonny bravo because I hate that show but I love family guy.

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