The Nicktoons Network Animation Festival

Only 8 days left! Hustle, hustle!

May 23rd, 2007


You look like the kind of person who would draw a jump cycle and not have the common courtesy to put in some follow through. What do you think your doing! Get off the Internet, stop working at your so called “job” to pay your “bills”, and get to work on your film! You think you’ll be the next big animator by just setting there? You’re just gonna go through life telling people about this great idea for a film you have, but you’ll never do it! You’re too lazy, you think, “Oh, I’ll just wait for my ship to come in.” Well guess what buster, this is your ship and its about to set sail because your to much of a dingy to get on. You think John Lasseter was sitting around twiddling his thumbs, going “Maybe I’ll make a film for next year.” No! He was working with a used 1950’s NASA computer the size of a room where he had to simultaneously, draw, animate, punch punch cards, and keep all the gears oiled and tightened. And look at you, with you fancy computer, your Flash and Photoshop and your Wacom tablet. You could make a film in an afternoon, but you’d rather just Photoshop your head onto people who look better then you! You sit around watching Youtube shorts, criticizing everything, thinking to yourself I could do better then that. Well, guess what, you can’t cause you never will! Now stop reading this and get to work.

You only got 8 days left, now go go go!

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A question about submissions…when the instructions say “playable DVDs” is it okay to submit DVD’s that are “playable” on a DVD player (like on a TV)?

Or did you mean “playable” on a computer (like a data disc containing the movie file)?


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