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Here’s The Animation Festival Schedule

July 31st, 2007


You know, when I was a kid, in order to make sure I caught on the TV those shows I really wanted to see, I had to grab the new TV Guide every Thursday and go through and circle everything that looked even half interesting for the week ahead. Now, with the miracles of computers and the Nicktoons Network Animation Festival, all you need to do is print out the list below and circle everything that looks even half interesting. Hooray for the Internets.

Anyway, if you’re on the east coast of the United States, these shorts will begin on the Nicktoons Network promptly at 10:00 p.m. If you live elsewhere in the country, you’ll have to do the math as to when it airs in your time zone. Here’s the schedule:

8/1 L’amie De Zoe - MAKE (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)
8/2 Icarus - Adam Swaab (Sherman Oaks, California, USA)
8/3 Saalis - Aiju Salminen & Saara Knottinen (Helsinki, Finland)
8/4 Sonadora - Andrea [Read more…]

Grand Jury Announced

July 31st, 2007


Okay, I figure by now you’re sick of all the press dedicated to this year’s panel of judges for the Nicktoons Network Animation Festival. No, wait. You probably haven’t heard anything about this year’s panel of judges for the Nicktoons Network Animation Festival. Until now, that is.

In 2007, we continue the tradition of having stellar folks in the animation industry judge the festival. Here they are:

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Nicktoons Network Animation Festival Films Announced

July 30th, 2007


First of all, thanks to the hundreds of filmmakers who submitted their work to the 2007 Nicktoons Network Animation Festival. Lots of great stuff, as usual, including more than a few we couldn’t air due to content (it’s for a Nickelodeon network, after all). Beginning Wednesday, August 1, you, the viewer, can see a different short every night through the month at 10:00 p.m., New York City time. The month will culminate with all films being shown, back to back, on Friday, August 31, topped off by a one-hour best-of special which will include the winners in the Diversity, Student, Producers’ Choice, Grand Jury, and Nick Development Award categories.

Here are this year’s selections in the 2007 Nicktoons Network Animation Festival in alphabetical order. Congratulations, everyone.

Peach for the Teach - Erica Pitt (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

After Oz - Percy Kiyabu (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

Angst - Emiel Penders (Elsloo, Limburg, The Netherlands)

Art’s Desire - Sarah Wickliffe (New York [Read more…]