The Nicktoons Network Animation Festival

Nicktoons Network Animation Festival Films Announced

July 30th, 2007


First of all, thanks to the hundreds of filmmakers who submitted their work to the 2007 Nicktoons Network Animation Festival. Lots of great stuff, as usual, including more than a few we couldn’t air due to content (it’s for a Nickelodeon network, after all). Beginning Wednesday, August 1, you, the viewer, can see a different short every night through the month at 10:00 p.m., New York City time. The month will culminate with all films being shown, back to back, on Friday, August 31, topped off by a one-hour best-of special which will include the winners in the Diversity, Student, Producers’ Choice, Grand Jury, and Nick Development Award categories.

Here are this year’s selections in the 2007 Nicktoons Network Animation Festival in alphabetical order. Congratulations, everyone.

Peach for the Teach - Erica Pitt (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

After Oz - Percy Kiyabu (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

Angst - Emiel Penders (Elsloo, Limburg, The Netherlands)

Art’s Desire - Sarah Wickliffe (New York City, New York, USA)

Bare - Andy Lyon (Los Angeles, California, USA)

Barfy the Pig in ‘A Day in the Park’ - Joel Foster & Ryan Page (Port Orford, Oregon, USA)

Carried Away - Zach Parrish (Savannah, Georgia, USA)

Cranks - Jacques Khouri (Savannah, Georgia, USA)

Feb-18-05 - Javier Barboza (Los Angeles, California, USA)

Freewheel - Eve Weinberg, Ryan Suffern, Tim Millen, Gary McIlwaine (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

Hedgehug - Dan Pinto (Teaneck, New Jersey, USA)

Hominid - Mike A. Smith (Portland, Oregon, USA)

Icarus - Adam Swaab (Sherman Oaks, California, USA)

Insomnia - Vladamir Lesciov (Riga, Latvia)

Jose y Maria - Edward Juan (Valenica, California, USA)

Kiwi! - Dony Permedi (Santa Monica, California, USA)

L’amie De Zoe - MAKE (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)

Loose Change - Tim Golem (London, Ontario, Canada)

Monster on the Moon - Drew Hill (Paw Paw, Michigan, USA)

Mortimer Pigmun and his Time Traveling Chums - Jeffrey Wallenhorst & Matthew Witham (Wells, Maine, USA)

Old Chestnut - Lily Shia, Danyin Zhu, Hazel Lam (Forestville, NSW, Australia)

Process Enacted - Jordan C. Greenhalgh (Rochester, New York, USA)

Puppet - Patrick Smith (New York City, New York, USA)

Saalis - Aiju Salminen & Saara Knottinen (Helsinki, Finland)

Sonadora - Andrea Lira (New York City, New York, USA)

St Laleeloo - Jiwook Kim (Glendale, California, USA)

Striped - Anna Gopin (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

The Little Dictator - Peter Lowey (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

Think Like a Frog - Pongo Kuo, Mig Jou, Alice Tasi (Taipei, Taiwan)

Zoologic - Nicole Mitchell (Cupertino, California, USA)


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Wow, surprisingly I’ve only seen 2 of these films! Can’t wait!


I’m super excited for this. I’ve seen a few of these films at Animation Block Party this year and I can’t wait to see the rest.


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