The Nicktoons Network Animation Festival

Prizes For Nicktoons Network Animation Festival

August 13th, 2007

Nicole Mitchell receiving the first of her two awards

Thanks to everyone who showed up for the big Nicktoons Network Animation Festival party here at the Nick Studio in Burbank Friday night. More than 300 people attended, and a good time was had by all.

Hal Sparks was on hand to announce the winners of this year’s festival, and these were the results:

Nick Development Award - “Zoologic”, Nicole Mitchell
Grand Jury Prize - “Zoologic”, Nicole Mitchell
Producers’ Choice Award - “St Laleeloo”, Jiwook Kim
Student Award - “Bare”, Andy Lyon
Diversity Award - “Feb-18-05″, Javier Barboza

Andy Lyon and his galpal, Abby

Still to be given is the Viewers’ Choice Award, which will be determined after all the films have aired on Nicktoons Network at the end of the month.

Javier Barboza with festival directors Rita Street and your blogger

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all the filmmakers for their work.


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Congratulations winners! The party was awesome, thanks again for inviting me Eric!…now, for next years festival, any new info about minors entering?? I’ve been waiting about 2 years Eric..it’s about time minors are takin seriously!! Gosh!! ( just joshin )but I would REALLY like to enter next year! And not the show off your show thing, the real deal :)


Congrats to the winners! Can’t wait to see who wins the audience award.


“Zoologic” is awesome! I can’t wait to see what Nicole turns out next. Hooray for amazing, original cartoons!


It was great being included in this. ( I worked on L’amie De Zoe) Congrats to the winners. Although I haven’t seen any of them, I’m sure they’re very good. Will they be put online at some point?


They’re all playing on the Nicktoons Network in the month of August. “L’amie De Zoe” already aired on August 1st. They are going to have a wrap up “best of” show on Friday, August 31st. Maybe you’ll see a clip or two from it there.


Yeah unfortunately I don’t get the Nicktoons Network, that’s why I wondered if they would be playing online at some point.


You could always submit the short to Channel Frederator for the podcast. http://www.channelfrederator.com/submit


LOL… how does that help me see all the other shorts.. that’s what I’m getting at here.. I already know what Zoe looks like.


Throughout August, you can see a different short each day here: http://www.nicktoonsnetwork.com/nnaf/rocksorrots.jhtml


Thanks.. that’s what I was looking for!!!

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