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Nite Fite

Penalty Bunny

August 4th, 2008

nhamegmf5c8phdniengcrlyz_400-1.gifBy the “DaVinci of Cute”, Ben Ross 

Nite Fite Fan Art

July 28th, 2008

Two very unique interpretations by Nite Fite viewers Niko Anesti and Ben Leon. Send us your artistic visions of Penalty & Lloyd and we’ll post them immediately!
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Nite Fite Crew: Dagan Moriarty

July 25th, 2008


Folks, meet Dagan Moriarty - deep thinker and serious animator. I’ve known Dagan for years - since my first job out of college. We worked on this kind of crazy little project in a an odd little town in Pennsylvania. The project itself was tough, but somehow, being in the middle of nowhere, we ended up having a pretty awesome crew and it’s where I learned a LOT about animation. Dagan was one of the people that taught me so much. When it came time to pull together our Nite Fite crew, I gave Dagan a call thinking he’d tell me to scram. As it turns out, he was pretty interested in the project and came on as our lead animator!

It’s been a thrill to have Dagan on the crew. I’ve always been ga-gas for his work. It’s so heavily influenced by UPA - one of my favorites - and so fun and cartoony. Dagan is also the guy that always seems to know how to add that single hand movement or eye-roll that takes a character over the top. He can also animate the pants off of something (really, I saw him animate the pants off of a character once…) [Read more…]

Nite Fite Guest Is A Real Life Hero

July 24th, 2008


No one has seen the upcoming “Fish Rights” episode of Nite Fite yet, but I wanted to share this story while it’s still timely. This past weekend, my friend Drew Nelson who provided the voice of guest Ethan Bruce (see above picture) saved a woman’s life! She was getting sucked down the Colorado River and Drew bravely jumped in and rescued her! Here’s a news article that describes the events. The irony of this story is that in his appearance of Nite Fite (recorded months before the rescue) Drew portrayed a strange aquatic mermain hippie activist. The fact that he somehow jumped in a treacherous river to save someone only proves that the character re-possesed his body at just the right moment!And that leads me to conclude that Nite Fite is also responsible for saving this woman’s life.Well maybe not, but it’s still very cool to have a hero on our show.-Dan

Meet the Crew: Adam Rosette

July 23rd, 2008


Today we salute Adam Rosette - animator extraordinaire! When I first started looking for animators to join the Nite Fite team, I put my feelers out. My first call was to Dave Levy - president of the New York chapter of ASIFA and all-around great guy. Dave was wrapping up his own production for Adult Swim’s Assy McGee literally the week before we were due to start. It all worked out swimmingly, as Dave sent us a list of people that he thought would be great to come over and work on Nite Fite. Adam Rosette was one of those people and first on Dave’s list. When I got Adam’s name, and started to ask around about him. Just about everyone I spoke to would say - “Adam Rosette? OH! He’s perfect for Nite Fite“. Sure enough… he was!

Adam graduated from SVA here in New York City in 2007. In the short time he’s been in [Read more…]

FITE for your NITE to PARTY! Tomorrow!

July 23rd, 2008

If you’re in New York tomorrow (Thursday), you’re invited to our Nite Fite launch party. That’s right, YOU!

No admission, just your lovely self, come meet Dan Meth and the whole Nite Fite team to celebrate the launch of his new series.

Here’s all the details, straight from the Evite. Come say Hi. –Fred


Location: M1-5 Bar/Cocktails 52 Walker Street, Manhattan, New York (Map) 212-779-4005

When: Thursday, July 24, 2008

Time: 6-9pm

Meet the Crew: Daisy Edwards

July 22nd, 2008

Most people are surprised to find out what a small crew we have working on Nite Fite. We have three animators, plus Dan directing, me producing, and Mark doing audio. It makes for a tight group and everyone has been so amazing about really pitching in and giving it their all! One person who has done that and more, is Daisy Edwards!
Daisy started as an intern with Frederator back in the late winter. She made her debut in the Meth Minute 39 with some seriously rockin’ backgrounds for the first Space Cowboy and totally pitched in with the remaining episodes. In April, when we started ramping up for production, we knew that Daisy needed to be involved. The perfect opening was for lip-syncing superstar, and that’s just what Daisy proved to be!
Daisy tore into every episode with her teeth and lip-synced the pants off of it. She did such a great job [Read more…]

So there!

July 22nd, 2008


Finally, iTunes understands where Penalty & Lloyd belong. On an equal plane to Garrison Keillor.


Mark Vitelli - Grand Poobah of Audio

July 18th, 2008

markv.jpgNow that the official Nite Fite series has launched, it’s about time that we start sharing some serious inside info about the production of the series. Firstly, I need to introduce you to our ROCKIN’ crew. So today, I’ll point out Mark Vitelli, the man behind Lloyd.
Mark has been essential to the production of Nite Fite. Firstly, he’s Dan’s co-creator and writer of the entire Nite Fite series. As Lloyd, Mark has done an awesome job of making Lloyd dependable, but not predictable as a character. He definitely keeps us laughing.
Function number two that Mark fulfills is as our grand-poobah of anything audio related. As a sound engineer over at Sound Hounds, Mark takes care of all of our audio recording, mixing, mastering and more. Audio plays a big part in Nite Fite, which means that Mark is completely indispensable.
Outside of the Nite Fite series, Mark has worked on a ton of other projects over at Sound Hound. That includes the original Meth Minute 39 series, as well as [Read more…]

Secret Episode Revealed!

June 25th, 2008

That’s right folks! Tomorrow night ASIFA East has been kind enough to host a screening of a number of Meth Minute 39 episodes. For those of you in the NY/NJ area, it’s definitely worth the trip, especially because we will be revealing our secret Nite Fite episode!
Actually, we’ve got a bunch of not-so-secret episodes up our sleeves for the upcoming Nite Fite series, but one particular episode, originally created for the Meth Minute 39 has never seen the light of day. The episode was seen as “too racy” to be associated with future Nite Fite episodes and had to be pulled. BOO [Read more…]