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Mark Vitelli - Grand Poobah of Audio

July 18th, 2008

markv.jpgNow that the official Nite Fite series has launched, it’s about time that we start sharing some serious inside info about the production of the series. Firstly, I need to introduce you to our ROCKIN’ crew. So today, I’ll point out Mark Vitelli, the man behind Lloyd.
Mark has been essential to the production of Nite Fite. Firstly, he’s Dan’s co-creator and writer of the entire Nite Fite series. As Lloyd, Mark has done an awesome job of making Lloyd dependable, but not predictable as a character. He definitely keeps us laughing.
Function number two that Mark fulfills is as our grand-poobah of anything audio related. As a sound engineer over at Sound Hounds, Mark takes care of all of our audio recording, mixing, mastering and more. Audio plays a big part in Nite Fite, which means that Mark is completely indispensable.
Outside of the Nite Fite series, Mark has worked on a ton of other projects over at Sound Hound. That includes the original Meth Minute 39 series, as well as 5On (for Comedy Central’s Motherload website) Talk About It: The Sports Podcast For Idiots, Peeper Radio Theater (comedy radio theater for the podcasting world), Synthetic American Films (independent thriller/comedy films), and Robox studios (Internet video games).

Mark and Dan met at Syracuse, where they both went to University. From there, Mark ended up working at Sound Hound and has been there for eight years now. The relationship turned out to be a happy accident for both the Meth Minute 39 and Nite Fite, as Sound Hound became our comfy audio home for both series, and Mark became a wonderful co-conspirator for many episodes.
As a producer, it’s been fabulous for me to work with both Dan and Mark. The guys just know what works and I stay pretty hands off. They do their thing, and when they bring it back to the office, it’s just always funny. Mark does an awesome job editing down several minutes of already funny Nite Fite records to only one minute of solid, killer funniness. I hope you enjoy watching Nite Fite as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it. And please give Mark a shout out for all of his hard work!


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