Nite Fite

Meet the Crew: Daisy Edwards

July 22nd, 2008

Most people are surprised to find out what a small crew we have working on Nite Fite. We have three animators, plus Dan directing, me producing, and Mark doing audio. It makes for a tight group and everyone has been so amazing about really pitching in and giving it their all! One person who has done that and more, is Daisy Edwards!
Daisy started as an intern with Frederator back in the late winter. She made her debut in the Meth Minute 39 with some seriously rockin’ backgrounds for the first Space Cowboy and totally pitched in with the remaining episodes. In April, when we started ramping up for production, we knew that Daisy needed to be involved. The perfect opening was for lip-syncing superstar, and that’s just what Daisy proved to be!
Daisy tore into every episode with her teeth and lip-synced the pants off of it. She did such a great job that she had time to do some completely awesome background images, plus, she got to dabble in some additional animation. In the short time that Daisy has been with Frederator I’ve really seen her grow and she has been so much fun to have in the office!
Daisy comes to us ALL the way from Australia. Before coming to the states, she’d spend most of her time in the outback (the REAL outback, not the steakhouse) munching Vegemite sangers and guzzling Fosters. One day, whilst making the commute into town in the pouch of her favorite kangaroo, Skippy she decided to follow in the footsteps of her best mate Paul Hogan and move to America.
To date, Daisy has worked on a variety of projects. A graduate of Queensland College of Art, she started freelancing in animation and graphic design. Broadening her sights, Daisy started working on film sets in the art department and has Art Directed three shorts and is about to embark on a fourth.
While we managed to snatch Daisy up for Nite Fite, I’m sure she’s destined to even bigger and more exciting things! It’s been such a pleasure having her super-bright optimism, good humor and huge talent in the office and she will be sorely missed when production is over! - Carrie

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