Nite Fite

Nite Fite Guest Is A Real Life Hero

July 24th, 2008


No one has seen the upcoming “Fish Rights” episode of Nite Fite yet, but I wanted to share this story while it’s still timely. This past weekend, my friend Drew Nelson who provided the voice of guest Ethan Bruce (see above picture) saved a woman’s life! She was getting sucked down the Colorado River and Drew bravely jumped in and rescued her! Here’s a news article that describes the events. The irony of this story is that in his appearance of Nite Fite (recorded months before the rescue) Drew portrayed a strange aquatic mermain hippie activist. The fact that he somehow jumped in a treacherous river to save someone only proves that the character re-possesed his body at just the right moment!And that leads me to conclude that Nite Fite is also responsible for saving this woman’s life.Well maybe not, but it’s still very cool to have a hero on our show.-Dan

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