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Nite Fite Crew: Dagan Moriarty

July 25th, 2008


Folks, meet Dagan Moriarty - deep thinker and serious animator. I’ve known Dagan for years - since my first job out of college. We worked on this kind of crazy little project in a an odd little town in Pennsylvania. The project itself was tough, but somehow, being in the middle of nowhere, we ended up having a pretty awesome crew and it’s where I learned a LOT about animation. Dagan was one of the people that taught me so much. When it came time to pull together our Nite Fite crew, I gave Dagan a call thinking he’d tell me to scram. As it turns out, he was pretty interested in the project and came on as our lead animator!

It’s been a thrill to have Dagan on the crew. I’ve always been ga-gas for his work. It’s so heavily influenced by UPA - one of my favorites - and so fun and cartoony. Dagan is also the guy that always seems to know how to add that single hand movement or eye-roll that takes a character over the top. He can also animate the pants off of something (really, I saw him animate the pants off of a character once…)

Dagan has been working in animation since 1997 - he’s a vet. He grew up in Long Island, but believe it or not, he commutes several days a week from his house in the Philly ‘burbs to his different jobs here in the city. That’s dedication ;) Thankfully, Dagan decided to come into the city two days a week to work with us. I’m so glad he did, as he has a great presence in the office (and unforgettable laugh). He’s also given us a lot of guidance for our first New York-based team and helped us set up production to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.


I could go on about Dagan, but he put some facts about himself together for me and, frankly, he made them too funny for me to even try and alter. So I’ll leave you with that!

name: Dagan Moriarty (no middle name, as hippie parents thought name was already “weird enough”)
age: 34 and 7 months
hailing from: Long Island, NY
currently resides: Philly burbs
profession: Animator, Character Designer, Illustrator est. 1997
lives with: wife Helene, daughter Lilya and 2 grotesquely-fat things that USED to be cats.
loves: Helene, Lilya, reading, drawing, watching great films, the familia, the NY Yanks, skateboarding all cruiser-old-man style, cooking and grilling, painting, sneakers, exploring my 2 favorite cities and writing about myself
dislikes: rude people, those miniature ‘corn’ thingys they put in Chinese Food, the Red-Sox,
and WORST of all- ‘circus-peanuts’
plans to; illustrate Children’s Books and help create an Animation Industry in… Philadelphia !? ;) -and/or- get REALLY rich and move to St. John

- Carrie

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