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Nite Fite

Evolution of a Nite Fite Guest

May 7th, 2008

It’s pretty simple really… First I draw what I think the guest looks like.

Roger _ Dan’s version

Then Adam Rosette does a version that blows mine away:

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Keep up the Good FITE!

May 1st, 2008


The show’s not even out yet, and it’s already amassing some great, somewhat genius fanart.
Look at this beauty of a gem I found hidden deep within the heart and caves of the Internet.
-Jeaux Janovsky

Even Penalty Will Be There

April 23rd, 2008


Even Penalty is going to be at Drinking and Drawing tonight!

Dan Meth & Frederator Studios cordially invite everyone to the greatest animation event ever! An animator jam. Over 21 please. All animators and artists welcomed.

Drinking and Drawing
M1-5 Bar/Cocktail 52 Walker St.
@ Church & Canal, Manhattan
April 23rd @ 8 PM




April 21st, 2008


Nite Fite the Series is IN PRODUCTION. Ever since we goofed on the preview for a 2nd episode at the end of a Meth Minute 39 cartoon a few weeks ago, we’ve been inundated with people asking “What happened to Nite Fite!? When’s there going to be another Nite Fite?”

Well, all those people are going to flip out to learn that there will be not one but 20 EPISODES of Nite Fite hitting the web very soon. We’ve already started recording, editing, and animating the further adventures of Penalty & Lloyd. You can keep up with all the in-production news, art, and info here on this blog. Here’s some character sketches by animators Dagan Moriarty, Adam Rosette and myself

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