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February 13th, 2007




Hey, folks. Butch Hartman again -

Just wanted to show you some EARLY, EARLY development artwork for Danny Phantom. These sketches were all drawn by yours truly back in 2001. Funny how things rarely end up looking like the way they start out, huh? I had a tough time coming up with a cool Danny design, but once I stumbled on the idea of giving him white hair, it started falling into place. Steven Silver - an awesome artist/character designer - helped me finalize Danny’s design later on. So the final version that we all know and love is a combination of his stuff and my stuff. And as soon as I can find some of his stuff I’ll post it.


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God I love concept art. I kind of like the two that didn’t look like the normal FOP style, actually. Would have been a nice contrast between the two series. The last one’s kinda cool and weird at the same time. The Danny everyone’s accustomed to is far from muscular and tall, heh. But like I said, I love concept art and early sketches, so if you get a hold of some more, please post!


Awesome stuff! I love seeing these “early in development” stages that people rarely get to see of the characters. Nice post! And yes, Silver is very talented.


Wow, it’s cool to see the early stages of Danny’s coming into being :)


Coolio! It’s interesting how the one from 2/9/01 kind of looks like you…


Awesome, Stephen Silver is an amazing artist and a super nice guy to boot!!


Now THAT’S cool! I love to see the development process! Thanks Butch! What about FOP? Were they always designed like that?


Mike - actually Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda are pretty close to the way I first drew them, but not exactly, of course. I’ll find some of that stuff and put it up, too.


Hi Butch and Gang!
Man; these are great drawings!
Yes it is amazing the way characters develop from the first day you drew them.
Through all the series I’ve ever done; this to me is one of the coolest things in cartoon development.
Thanks for sharing your early work, Butch Man!
Take care buddy and we’ll talk on the blog soon.
Your Cartoon Pal in Crime……Jeffy


Wow. These are cool to see. So are any of these what you pitched with, or was he further along by the time you pitched it?


Some of them look really weird. But I think every early design does. :) Never saw them before. Thanks for sharing!


Wow! I can’t picture current Danny looking like that in the show. All pumped up. I like that you kind of took the last design of Danny and put that into Dan Phantom (Evil Danny, whatever you want to call him). I remember you said Danny oringally would ride a motercycle and have a pet owl sidekick. Also Vlad was going to be a vampire (which you kept the design in espeically with the teeth). I hope you make more refernces to your orignal concepts. Great to see some early work and would love to see some more!


Wow, that’s a trip to see the development stuff, though a tall, muscular Danny is just kinda… weird! He looks older, like he should be 16 or so instead of 14.

Will you be sharing development art for any of the other characters, too?


I’m glad that you put these sketches on here Butch. It’s hard to see Danny on the show if you did decide on one of them. The first one kinda looks like the Danny we all know now.


I love the Marvel vibe from those first three sketches. He’s definitely come a long way in terms of body build, it’s hard to imagine such a muscular Danny now. Interesting question there too. I wonder how many ideas were passed up before “Ghost Portal gone horribly wrong” was settled on XD


Oh my gosh!!! That is soooo cool to see the original drawings! That’s so neat Butch!!! I almost fell out of my chair when I saw them, but I automatically new who it was 8D


i am now not much of a danny phantom fan(and i love their episodes well tommy turner was resemblace to both danny fenton and timmy turner


I think your drawings looks way more original than the final design of the character.

When i saw Danny Phantom for the first time on TV i said “what’s this? it’s some kind of Cosmo-ghost?” heh =)

Thank you for your work Mr.Hartman, and thanks for the attention you give to your fans.

Greetings from Chile, Southamerica =)


XD “Cosmo-ghost”

… my friends all said that too…

Hey that’d be a pretty cool (but weird) FoP epi…


He certainly looks different at first. One thing that I’ve noticed, the hair of the last drawing of Danny looks like the hair of Dan’s manager from that show called “Dan Danger”


OMG! I’m not the only one that thought that! I said that and nobody knew what i was talking about…


^^ How cool to see the original sketches. I see the resemblence and now I see how much it takes to make one charecter. I know now not to rush on making charecters.


I think the entire concept is cool. however the last drawing of danny looks like a man of steel.
‘yeah right’
am jus a typical girl, n dats wat i c.


danny i never realized just how handsome yo are without your hat on.


Hello Mr.Hartman, is good to know that you will also include DP stuff on here.
I just wanted to say, that it’s really odd to watch those pictures, after all these years of watch Danny in a completly different way! But some of them really looks good (some of them are really odd comparing to the animation in the program)
Hey is it true that Danny was going to be called “Jhonny”? :P just wondering here, good bye ;)


WOW! that’s amazing how one creation can change!!! AWESOME BUTCH!


omg he looks weird like that but i gues thats were the danny phantom we know came from


My! These are wonderful! I’ve always loved to look at concept art; it’s fascinating to see the stages a character went through before ending up like he does now. I agree that characters never end up like one first envisions it, but that’s the special thing , huh? it’s always a surprise :) and usually the final result is better than the former idea.

Mmmmm these are all great but my favorite must be the third Danny, the one floating above the ground “How does he get his Phantom powers” one. He looks pretty attractive (not that the current Danny is not attractive of course! ;) ) and older, about 16-17 which is a very nice touch.

I wonder, did the rest of the DP characters undergo such extensive changes or were they easier to come up with? I know some villains/characters were designed by the talented Ben Blaistreri and Stephen Silver with your guidance, but I wonder… any personal designs you thought of besides Danny before sending them to Ben or Stephen?



Such awesomeness… Thanks for this, I love looking at this stuff. Pre-show stuff, that is. Sketches, story-boards… Anything. It’s so weird to look at ‘cos it’s so different, but it’s still awesome.


It’s so nice of you to share stuff like this :) I always love to watch the progression of thoughts on paper. But I have to say one of my favorite things about Danny is the element of surprise that comes with him. I mean, sure, he’s adorable :) but also, looking at him straight ahead you might not think he’s so “super”–till he’s cramming you into a thermos!


Oh, fancy that! It’s actually pretty cool to see creations in progress.

I never would have thought you worked with somebody else to come up with it, but that just adds the final touch, eh?

But all in all, I like the style he’s in now. :)


Wow. It’s really great to see more of the development art of danny. Thankyou so much for sharing these. :D I always love looking at the concept art that contributed to the making of an animated series. :D I love the muscles Danny had originally (although understanably, I guess they would be difficult to animate.)


aaaah concept art is the win :D ide love to see Danny’s reaction if he saw these drawings of him before XD i can only imagine his reaction to having had the underpants on the outside XD Love your work Butch, i can only hope to get into a creative job i love as much as you do yours :)


Wow these are good!So this is what Danny looked when he was frist drawn


Concept art is fun to look at and compare to the final product. Hehe, Danny used to have the traditional superhero underwear-on-the-outside look.
I have to say, I’m glad that you and Mr. Silver decided on a more cartoony design than comic book design. :)


yeah, I always love seeing old pics…I love his current design better though! The muscular look would have kinda turned people away as just another superhero thing. I’m glad he’s skinny and young like he is now. And definitely no underwear like the first three…thank you! They’re quite inspiring.


Man. You are increadible. I am an aspiring cartoonist and I am simply in love with Danny Phantom. It makes me cry to hear new episodes are ending; but, there is a God so, maybe somehow things will work out. (live action movie baby!) But, I’m getting WAY off topic…lol, I really enjoy your designs!


Thank you very much for sharing these Mr. Hartman. I love looking at stuff like this. I just thought I’d let you know that your work has inspired me to draw more, even though I don’t really have the natural talent many others have. I’m getting better though! :) I’ve also been inspired to look into voice-over acting as a career. Anyway, thanks again for posting these. Do you have any storyboards you can share with us?
- danny_fan_101

“Save the Ghost We Love the Most!” :)


A tough time you may have had coming up with a good Danny design, but no-one can eay you didn’t make a memorable final (with a little help). Great of you to release them, and i must say I’m glad you chose the vaguly FOP style Danny (just love that oh-so-cellular art style!) even though the others would’ve done just as well, i suppose, with your mad drawing skilz.


Wow those are diffrent


Whoa- That’s Trippy! (That ghost logo would’ve been a bit odd…)

Hey, do you have any concept drawing of Danny without ghost powers with “Spooky” the owl? I think an owl would’ve been cute. (darn harry potter)

I think it would’ve been cool to see the DP animation as more of a realistic style, kinda like the DC animation style, with your personal touches, of course. (my friends complain about how flat cartoons look….

they’re cartoons, duh, they’re supposed to be flat!)

Hey, maybe you should release like, all the early production stuff in a Danny Phantom DVD / in the box set! Ooh! Or in a book!


(squeals) That would be soooo cool!!!! I thought we were supposed to get the DVD set in February. Oh well, good things come to those who wait and better things to those who wait longer I guess. :) And where’d this “Spooky the Owl” come from?


There was an interview with Mr. Butch Hartman that said how DP was originally going to be Danny having no powers and hunting ghosts with “spooky” the owl… but apparently, Harry Potter’s hedgewig made “spooky” a no-no.

To imitate Invader Zim:
“I demand [more piggys]DVDs!!!”

Darn me for not having cable anymore… T_T


Wow, danny looked ALOT different!!! but I like the final produt. I can’t imagne the earlt vers. of danny on TV!!!


Wow he sure has evolved! You’re right it’s crazy how things look when you’re drawing it for the first time! Still great work as always Butch ;) But I admit, I’m glad you ended up with the one there is now!


I really admire your work Butch. One thing I’ve noticed in DP is the way you draw hands. They were 4-fingered in FOP, but I like them 5-fingered. Even Danny, who has big, boxy hands, tends to be very graceful with them. The hand you draw in DP are very elegant, both male and female.


Hey you! You’re so awesome, and I agree about the whole things not being what they once where when you’re done… thing.

Anyways, I’ve chatted with Silver, totally awesome guy and great artist! Same for you! I love how Danny goes through what seems to be a 40’s, 50’s, and then 80’s transition there haha.



Hi, Butch- oooh, thank you so much for sharing these…beautiful early sketches… :)
I love your style, and the way Stephen Silver polished it for Danny is even better..

Ahh, old Danny is still handsome!! ;> But not nearly as adorable as he is today!


wow that’s awesome! hey, maybe you could post some of the earlier drawings of his friends and family and the other characters?


I love Danny phantom




Wow…its some…weird…that`s true! but it`s great to know you can draw in differents ways….CONGRATULATIONS, Butch!!! n.n


[mocking] wow…its some…weird…that’s true! but it’s great to know you can draw in different ways…CONGRATULATIONS, Butch!!!n.n U SUK


you stino


Amazing stuff! I love looking at rough sketches and early designs. You can really see how far these ideas have developed and it’s just awesome! Looking at stuff like this always makes me want to get my sketchbook out! ^_^


I am going to use these for a “before they were televised” concept art video on youtube. is that fine with you guys?


Dear Danny I love your show like you know like like and I hope the show stays on the air forever thats how much I love DANNY PHANTOM . So please keep up the incredible work. LOVE YOU!!!!!! Love Kata Phantom.


My son is a huge Danny Phantom Fan, so I made him this LEGO Mosaic of Him and Danny together…



Just discovered Danny a short while ago, and I am hooked. I absolutely love everything about it. It’s funny and sweet, and it makes me laugh out loud every episode.
Vlad is just about the smoothest criminal ever. I had no idea his was Martin Mull. If anyone had said I would find Martin Mull wonderful as a villain, I would’ve told them they were NUTS!

I hope we see more Danny someday.


I love Danny Phantom!! My fave show
I really hope to just see a DP boxed set with all the seasons soon! I have been looking for it since DP ended!!
btw you should start a new season of DP!


i’m really hoping for danny phantom season four with a crossover of xj9 aka jenny wakeman from my life as a teenage robot. and i’m also hoping for a book showing how to draw a danny phantom as well other characters from the series

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