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The Oddparents are coming! The Oddparents are coming!

December 20th, 2007

Greetings, blog people!! This is Kevin Sullivan, Oddparents staff writer, logging in after many months with apologies for not logging in more over these many months…and with more scoop on the upcoming new season of Fairly Oddparents! I was sitting in our story editor’s office this morning and saw on his wall our homemade index card schedule charting all the episodes we’ve written this year, and it made me realize two things: a) boy, have we been busy, and 2) how come *my* office doesn’t have walls? Seeing all these episodes stacked up made me realize it was high time I checked in with you friends of the fairies to let you know what’s happening.

By now you should be seeing ads popping up on Nick announcing new episodes of The Fairly Oddparents in 2008. I do believe we’re premiering over President’s Day weekend, but if that’s wrong then you didn’t [Read more…]