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December 20th, 2007

Greetings, blog people!! This is Kevin Sullivan, Oddparents staff writer, logging in after many months with apologies for not logging in more over these many months…and with more scoop on the upcoming new season of Fairly Oddparents! I was sitting in our story editor’s office this morning and saw on his wall our homemade index card schedule charting all the episodes we’ve written this year, and it made me realize two things: a) boy, have we been busy, and 2) how come *my* office doesn’t have walls? Seeing all these episodes stacked up made me realize it was high time I checked in with you friends of the fairies to let you know what’s happening.

By now you should be seeing ads popping up on Nick announcing new episodes of The Fairly Oddparents in 2008. I do believe we’re premiering over President’s Day weekend, but if that’s wrong then you didn’t hear it from me. I think there are 20 new 11 minute episodes coming, plus several half hour specials and the one hour surprise special that will kick everything off (which, if you’ve started to see the ads, won’t be a surprise for long - though it will still be special!). There are also a couple more hour long episodes coming for summer 2009 (wow we plan ahead), but if I mentioned those in detail then I would have to kill you all - and Butch would surely kill me.

What *can* I tell you about what’s coming? It’s all hilarious! You have my guarantee! More specifically, there are pirates and tonsils and talking cars and sock monkeys and uncontrollable hair and cavemen and a crazy car wash and cheese (lots of cheese) and dinosaurs and wish rehab for Timmy and a bride for Mark Chang and four erupting volcanoes and a new Christmas song (coming December 08!) and anti-fairies and pixies and the Crimson Chin and Dark Laser and Britney Britney and…Olympic figure skater Scott Hamilton!

So thanks for being enthusiastic and excited (and very very patient). Keep your eyes open for ads on TV and in magazines touting our premiere date - you’ll be watching new FOP episodes before you know it. So happy holidays, happy new year…and we’ll see you on Nickelodeon in 2008!

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Oh-my, Oh-my, Oh-my–ANTI-FAIRIES!! *Crocker-twitch* Thank you so much Kevin for announcing that those little blue imps will be returning in the future episodes, I got a HUGE kick out of ‘When Nerds Collide’ and I look forward to seeing them in action in the new year. Being a big fan of the Anti-Fairies could you give me and the rest of the anti-fairy-fans a little hint on what they might be up to, please? Pretty please with cheese on top?


And I thought i would explode from anticipation and now THIS! Gosh Kevin! You wouldn’t need to kill us, you already killed a few of us, myself included!

Worst part? I live in Mexico and surely I’ll have to wait longer.. Gah! This is so frustrating. My mom has American TV so MAYBE if she lets me I’ll manage to catch a few episodes.

Can’t wait for them! They sound awesome! And from what my american friends have told me, The new special is called ‘Fairly Oddbaby” Can’t wait for that one either!!!

Summer 2009!? Woah! You guys ARE working your butts off, aren’t cha? I’m sure they’ll be amazing! No doubt!

2008 can’t get here fast enough! @_@;

Thanks for the headsup Kevin!

P.S.- I got a really funny mind image of Butch chasing you with an axe. Thanks Kevin. :3 XD


You said you live in Mexico? Maybe,we don’t have to wait longer, many episodes were premiered here before in the U.S. and when I said many is not only Timmy the Barbarian.Most of them were in the last season aired by Jetix


didn’t latin america get the 3rd season of Danny Phantom almost 5 months before we did in the US?


someone say Danny Phantom? i love that show…*cough*, er, what was i saying again? oh yeah - Feri-san!! Haven’t i heard of you somewhere? weren’t you the one that got mad about my comment on generic advice? hmm…

Oh and i can’t wait for new FOP!! ^_^


NeonBlue: I dont remember you, or getting mad at you for that matter o.o;;; If I did, I apologize, but I don’t remember what you’re talking about, getting mad about generic advice, I mean xD where did this happen?

SlifeR and Robin: yes, we did get DP Season 3 before you, but that was a schedule mishap most likely, uncommon, since tranlasting the episodes is done while the season plays in the States, so we, normally, have to wait longer, because of the translation, which is done by a studio in Venezuela. We usually get episodes of stuff after you guys… KEY WORD: normally. We always get FOP eps after YOU do, I don’t know if this time will be the same, but im sure it will, it seems you guys will definately get FOP first. Besides, it’s not as easy… in Mexico (and all latin america) FOP is split between Jetix/Disney and Nickelodeon. Disney has the ‘rights’ to FOP’s first seasons (I think 1-4 but im not sure) while Nickelodeon only has rights to show seasons 5-6. Unlike you guys, FOP arrived in our nickelodeon MUCH MUCH later, arrived AFTER danny Phantom, which was created after FOP! Danny gets time slots every day except friday in the afternoon( FOP has DP’s timeslot fridays) and gets shown twice in the weekends. DP is much more popular in Nickelodeon LatinAmerica than FOP is. FOP’s humongous popularity in Mexico (humongous: understaement of the year) is due to JETIX. Jetix shows FOP ALL DAYS at almost any time. Example? (in half hours) FOP, FOP, ying yang yo, FOP FOP, Power Ranger, POwer Ranger, Power Ranger, FOP FOP, Ying yang yo, etc…. Crazy huh? So yeah, there’s some ‘rights’ mishap. Nickelodeon Latin America can’t show Seasons 1-4, but Disney can’t show Seasons 5-6. If we were to get the new episodes, it’ would be most likely in Nickelodeon, since they have the rights for the seasons after 4, to my knowledge. FOP is legitimate of Viacom/nickelodeon, but Viacom granted the rights to Disney or something of the sort.

And I just became tongue twisted! Wheeee!

And personally, i thought Timmy the barbarian was really funny, if not a tad… wierd and not commonly seen in FOP XD, but I thought it was neat, but ‘No substitue for Crazy’ was my favorite Doombringer is one of my fvorite villain(ess) from FOP ^^ XP

Weee! Can’t wait for this! It’s the only thing Im really excited about and looking forward to in nickelodeon (Besides Butch’s two mysterious projects he keeps mentioning in interviews, on which i wish him all the luck on the world!) because im not ‘ecstatic’ about some of Nickelodeon’s new soon-to-come shows(that doesn’t mean I wont give them a chance, per se, i’m just not OMGoshYAY excited. I got hooked on DP thanks to The Ultimate Enemy in fact, so it took a small while (i watched the episodes out of order though, hehe)…)

But anyway, best of luck for you guys at the Burbank studio! *thumbs up*


Oh wow i forgot about Canada… x.o;; the way avatar’s being aired i wouldn’t be surprised if either Canada or Britain got new FoP first… (Britain got the first season of FoP on DVD. lucky… >_< ;;)

Oddly enough, i got hooked on DP cuz of TUE (I saw the premiere of the show but thought it was ok, i didn’t get into it until TUE)

FoP’s just awesome, hooked from the first episode! (or whatever episode I saw first… didn’t have cable back when FoP premiered… x.o;;) My mom wonders why a lot of cartoons have such “wild” voices (like Marge in the simpsons or spongebob) XD But with FoP, I love everyone’s voice acting! (I wonder if we’ll get celebrity guest voices?)


Feri, you misunderstand me, I live also in Mexico and I remember that Jetix premiered some episodes before USA, the only I remember for now it was School’s out the Muscial and believe me, many of he points you stated in your last post were not the real reason why do we have first the third season of DP, neither the Dub is like you stated, sometimes the series is dubbed long time before episodes premiered in USA. Also you are wrong in something stated about Nick/Jetix and Disney Channel but not totally wrong, also there are no too much difference between USA and Nick LA, sometimes there is but not because the reason you stated in your post, also FOP is dubbed in Miami I think, I cannot remember not in M&M Studios in Venezuela. Also why did you started to talk about DP? I was talking aboout FOP, episodes were aired in Jetix before they aired on Nick US


Thanks for sharing the news :-) I can’t wait to see Fairly Oddbaby in the Great White North. I don’t know if YTV Canada will air it at the same time as Nickelodeon.

A bride for Mark Chang? Could it be Princess Mandie finally getting his fiancee or Vicky? Or a all-new character coming from nowhere?

I’m glad to see the Crimson Chin and Britney-Britney back, any news about Catman and Norm the Genie?

Finally, as I must to confess, already mentionned in the past ^_^;; I hope the new episodes will fix the characters developments like showing the Trixie Tang as we knew in “A wish too far” and “The Boy who’ll be Queen” instead of portraying her like she was in “Mind over magic” and “Just the two of us”. Same for Veronica, we didn’t know a lot about her since “Information Stupor highway”. As for Tootie, I wish she could see then the grass might be greener elsewhere (having a crush on Chester, AJ, Remy, Sanjay, Elmer) and Chester’s life could be less miserable (by the way, I think then Tootie could be the only girl who don’t give the “hives” to Chester)

Now if only there some episodes crossovers with Wayside, the cartoon based on Louis Sachar’s book and Kappa Mikey.

I suggested at one of the FOP forums (the one at TV.com) an idea about a crossover with Wayside
Todd and Maurecia, students from Wayside school, are in a exchange student program and are in Dimmsdale. They saw the numerous attempts then Timmy did to date Trixie and follow them, they discovered Trixie’s hidden side. Maurecia convince Trixie to jailbreak of her golden cage and Trixie had decided to said in public about her tomboy side much to the disdain of Tad and Chad who gets punched by Maurecia and face now somecompetition from Myron for the next school election. Meanwhile, Wayside school’s principal Mr Kidswatter, is scared by the sudden appearance of Cosmo and Wanda, trying to think than it’s only the pure product of his imagination or it’s a conspiracy. Meanwhile Maurecia will tell Trixie to don’t be shy about her hidden tomboy side. Tad and Chad said to Trixie “she’s not worthy anymore, we are the only worthy”. Maurecia get an idea, she built an launch ramp and give Trixie a pair of roller skates. Before Tad and Chad gets it (Todd and Timmy know what’ll happen), Trixie and Maurecia are at the top of the launch ramp and yelled “WHEELS EXTREME!” and they jump over Tad and Chad who are frightened, scared and got the print of the roller skates of Trixie and Maurecia on their head and everyone including Crocker laughs at Tad and Chad. (you can check a sketch of Maurecia with Trixie then I posted at http://stephdumas.deviantart.com/art/Maurecia-and-Trixie-70104313 ) and in the case of Kappa Mikey, as I already mentionned it in the past, Trixie and Timmy won an audition to guest star in an episode of LilyMu (the show where Kappa Mikey is the main hero) as Wonder Gal and Cleft. I can also imagine some moments of chat and discussion between Guano, Gonnard, Cosmo and Wanda.

Another idea then I posted at TV.com
-”The secrets ambitions of Tad and Chad”: another time-travel this time in a alternate future (little variation of “Channel Chasers”), dominated by Tad and Chad who dropped their masks to show their real faces: trying to take over the world (Crocker and Vicky aren’t the only ones who dreams to be the great leader, there should be other peoples). Trixie got a sudden and unexcepted visit from herself coming from an alternate future and she warm Trixie to be aware of the real truth about Tad and Chad. Trixie is sceptical first but the alternate-future Trixie got followed by the alternate-future Tad and Chad with Francis and Vicky as their servants and right-hand men who wants to get rid of her. the present-Trixie learned enough about it and escape to get the help of an ally: Timmy Turner and travels to the future to see what happened and how to stop Tad and Chad. Also this episode ends with the revelation of who’s the mother of Tommy and Tammy ;-)
(I hope then the fans of Tootie and Veronica aren’t too dissapointed).

And if it’s not possible to use my suggestions for future FOP episodes, I let it for various FOP fans to write some good FOP fanfictions ;-) Thanks again for the infos Kevin and I’m sorry for the grammar faults, English isn’t my 1st language -_-;


That sounds exciting….anything is better than last season…need I mention Timmy The Barbarian? I’m glad you guys are busy…I just wish Nick would bring back Danny Phantom from the Nick Graveyard too!!


I hope they will come to Germany soon! I really need some new FOP.
Happy holidays, everybody!


I can’t wait for Faily Oddbaby! 2009? Wow that’s a long time from now. I can’t believe it’s finally here. These seasons and specials are gonna be big! I wanna here the new FOP Christmas song for December 2008. Will Timmy age or will he still be 10? I’M A HUGE FAN OF THE SHOW! I love Timmy! Cosmo and Wanda are awesome. FOP FOREVER!


^_^ timmy needs to stay 10, cuz like all other cartoon heroes, they never age!!! (like how ash ketchum has been 10 for 10+ years! XD )


What took ya so long!


sock monkeys and cheese…
lots of cheese…

D8 (poor dairy cows)

I can’t wait!!! XD

Thanks for updating!!! :D


Awesome! I can’t wait for the new episodes, I want to see them right now! New season 2008 and some more Fairly Odd stuff in ‘09. Oh yes!


That sounds awesome!


Sure hope the new shows are better than some of the old ones. But I sure hope Cosmo is NOT having the baby. Gross!


lol my theory is that it’s corn. XDD

or phillip

or like that scene could be part of a random musical montage…


My apologies then, Robin. Those were the reasons I heard form someone who apparently works in the industry. FOP IS dubbed in Miami, but the Studio is from Venezuela, as far as I’ve read. :)

Yes, There was a few FOP episodes that premiered before they did in USA, you’re right, but I think that’s kind of wierd. I remember when episodes from USA took AGES to get here (I just made myself feel old :( ) Now it’s the other way around. :s back in the day, while the episodes played in the states, the episodes were done dubbing and would premiere in other country at a later date… I guess things have changed now.

Oh, you know what’s a prominent difference in Nick and Nick LA? I have both, and our Nick seems to be able to give a time slot to each show instead of several. Last time I saw Nick USA they wer like… showing hours of spongebob during the day! and they only showed DP at 6 am or around that time… no offense but hardly anyone wakes up at that hour on holidays, and during school time, the kids are at school or preparing for school… Few people can catch DP now at the States x_x;

But anyway, Robin, I didn’t state that my reason was the TRUE reasom, it was jsut what I ASSUMED was the reason, my bad. I should’ve specified.

Oh, and I diverted to DP because I was replying to Slifer too, sorry XD! MY bad again ;)

So, do you think we’re getting the FOP episodes first this time too??? :s?

Neither Jetix nor Nick have announced anything :(.


You don’t need to apoligize. No, I don’t think that we may get the episodes first because this is a season premiere and the episodes that we get first weren’t season premier,also now that Nick is airing FOP we don’t know if they think that FOP is gold for airing it, but the difference between airings can’t be too much, I’m going to “try” to contact a voice actor form Miami to know if they are working on new FOP or not


I wouldn’t bother, Robin. A friend and I contacted Arianna Lopez (Timmy’s Latinamerican voice actress) and she, sadly, told us the dubbing of FOP was moved elsewhere, somewhere in Argentina. FOP is no longer being dubbed in Kitchen Inc. She told us it closed down or something like that, and Latin Nick (or whomever owns it here in Latinamerica)were ‘forced’ to move dubbing. Fact is, FOP is not being dubbed in Miami anymore, and Arianna wasn’t able to tell us which Argentinean dubbing studio has FOP now… Arianna sounded sad, and I don’t blame her. It wont be the same hearing ‘latinamerican’ timmy without her voice. It’s like changing Tara Strong in the english version! Each character had such a singular, recognizable, characteristical voice… *sigh* Life goes on, but I’m gonna miss the original altinamerican voices… Ah well, if If the new voices dont convince me, my Nick has SAP.

And We’re definately not getting the episodes first, BUT, there’s a 98% chance I WILL see the special, Fairly Oddbaby :D! I’m so happy about that! The commercial got me really excited though I must admit there’s a lot of akward questions lingering in my head. We shall wait and see ;) The commercials only get me more excited!

Though it took me AGES to catch the “New in 2008″ commercial :/ *frustration* positive side, though? I managed to catch like 2 “Inside the Nicktoon Studios” with Butch in them! That was awesome! Those endless commercials with Shirley Temple and other buy-me.now commercials was worth it… 2 I had never seen. How many have we gotten here Robin? I’ve only seen 3 different Butch-Extras in Latin Nick. The one where he’s explaining some FOP storyboard and he’s singing (The guy dubbing Butch isn’t half bad actually, lol, but I wish we could hear Butch’s real voice too)along with it, the one where he gives cartoon tips with Mike Dimartino and Carlos Ramos, and the “How to draw Timmy” one. I hope they air the rest too, they’re so much fun to see.


With the new dubbing studio in mind, how long do you think it’ll take for Latin America to get ‘em? I mean, how long did it take Kitchen Inc?


Lots of cheese? DairyWorld? (What’s funnier, pineapples or cheese? Cheese, definitely cheese. — Rocko’s Modern Life.) Y’all need voice actors? I can do the Emperor from Star Wars, Bullwinkle, Stephen Hawking, or any one of those saying any of the others’ lines. Call me! (He’s NOT going to call you.) We know you’ve been busy, but SIX MONTHS between updates and nothing but reruns to watch? We’re starving here. Howzbout some refreshing Dimmadome Farms milk? Noticed Nick has quit running season 1, with the ‘badoodley-doo-BAP’ music ending. Are those coming out on DVD? I love what y’all do and if I could draw so much as a conclusion I’d be camped outside your door waiting for a job.


*fangirl squeal* I can’t believe it!!! This is gonna rock out loud!!! Anti-fairies and pixies are coming back!! Also, I am very curious about the bride for Mark Chang, hopefully it isn’t that crazy alien chick that was stalking him! I have heard some rumors that Cosmo is the one pregnant with the baby, but I think that will be very interesting.Hehe I am very open-minded.


Dee dee dee dee dee did dee dee…..sorry, i have a son stuck in my head. OMG, Wanda’s skin is pink in the first season! Me and my sister were watching Tiny Timmy and she’s like:”Whats wrong? Cosmos voice and Wanda’s skin look different.” And I just laughed like:”Thats right, you have never seen the early ones have you?” And shes like:”Did people get fired and that’s why they look different?”

LOL Little sisters *wink*


No one has left new comments on this for a while…..so I will.


Heres a secret about me: My favorite color is yellow!


I love it in the episode where they go to their high school reunion with Britney Britney and shes like “Pickles”


The new movie FAIRLY ODD BABY was the best thing ever to Happen to ME


I heard Gene Simmons was going to do a voice-over for FOP. Could there be truth to the rumor? (And coincidentally, who is Gene Simmons anyway?)


Okay, who else saw the new commercial announcing new episodes next week. I’m a little mad though, I have play practice until 5 everyday. Darn, but I’ll record them.

“Theres a hole in the plot you could drive a truck through.” —Dot Warner

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