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FOP Celebration

February 20th, 2008


When not singing “Sweet Adeline”, these guys are laborers on The Fairly OddParents. Here, they’re celebrating the large success of Fairly OddBaby, which, if you missed it on Nick, will be re-shown again and again and again (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Say hi to creator Butch Hartman, designer Ernie Gilbert, head writer Scott Fellows, and editor Otto Ferrene.

– Eric

Baby Poof Breaks Records

February 19th, 2008


So we just got GREAT news from Nickelodeon about how awesomely well last night’s Fairly OddBaby special did. It seems it did really awesomely well, in fact. The ratings are preliminary, and I won’t bore you with most of the facts and figures, but here are just three notes that stand out:

– the highest-rated Fairly OddParents ever
– Nick’s third most-watched telecast ever among kids, 2-11 years old
– Nick’s second highest-rated telecast ever among kids 6-11 and tweens 9-14 (higher than any SpongeBob episode, too)

Congratulations to Butch, his fantastic crew, and the folks at Nick for making and breaking records. And thanks to everyone who watched (and it seems like everyone did watch, too).

And even better episodes are on their way.