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Still Even More Fairly OddParents

March 13th, 2008


Congratulations to Butch Hartman and his crew. Nickelodeon officially announced today that it’s ordering 26 more half-hours of the Fairly OddParents. This means we’ll be seeing new episodes at least through 2010. For those of you keeping track, this takes the series up to 120 half-hours – five straight days of nothing but FOP.

– Eric

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Holy crap, by that time it’ll almost be on for ten years! And that’s not even counting its run back on Oh Yeah. Sounds awesome!


YIPPEE!!!!!!!! Oops, forgot how to spell that interjection. Anyway. SO HAPPY!


I can die happy now :’D



don’t die! D:


Hopefully these new episodes will be along the lines of “Mission: Responsible”.


Eric, are you sure? Here’s what the offical press release says. From Cabletvtalk.com:

“– SpongeBob SquarePants
-Picked up for an additional 26 episodes and currently in its sixth season, SpongeBob SquarePants has emerged as a pop-culture phenomenon and one of the most popular series in kids’ television history. It has been the number-one animated program with Kids 2-11 for more than six consecutive years and its Saturday morning airing ranks as the top-rated program on television among Kids 2-11. Adult viewers also continue to tune in and have increased by 85% since the premiere of the show in July 1999. The most widely distributed property in MTV Networks’ history, SpongeBob SquarePants is syndicated in 171 markets in 25 languages and is among the top rated kids’ shows, across broadcast and cable, in every major television market around the world. SpongeBob SquarePants is executive produced by creator Stephen Hillenburg.

– The Fairly OddParents
- Picked up for an additional 20 episodes, The Fairly OddParents’ popularity has consistently grown among both kids and adults since its March 2001 launch. It is currently the number-three-ranked animated property on broadcast and cable television mong Kids 2-11, only following Nickelodeon’s own SpongeBob SquarePants and Back to the Barnyard. The series, currently in its sixth season, is also a solid hit among teens and adults, who make up 57% of its 44.8 million viewers each week. Most recently, a February The Fairly OddParents’ special, “Fairly OddBaby”, hit a ratings high with an average of 8.8 million total viewers as the year-to-date’s number-one entertainment program on all broadcast and basic cable television in all kids’ demos, and ranking second only to Super Bowl programming among overall TV shows this year with kids and tweens.”

So in other words, *Spongebob* was picked up for 26 eps. Fairly Oddparents for 20, and aren’t those the same 20 Nick ordered earlier? Or not?


Yes. I’m sure. Butch focused on Danny Phantom, then came back for another twenty FOPs. This is yet another twenty. And congratulations to the folks at Barnyard and, especially, SpongeBob. I think this takes them up to 152 half-hours.


Comic-Con cosplayers? Haha, I was a Dani Phantom cosplayer there. Neat! x3

Oh yeah…FOP!!!!!!!! 8D That’s awesome news! n.n


What a great milestone! Congratulations to the cast and crew.


For real? Man! That’s awesome! More FOP till I’m around 20! Whoo! Can’t wait for the rest! Congrats to Butch and crew!

(I didn’t know Barnyard was so popular? I thought Avatar was amongst the three highest ranked…)


I thought avatar was designed for and commission/produced for 3 seasons?

now when they’ll show the new episodes is another story… probably after the live action… for teh monies


That’s nice…but I much prefer Danny Phantom. Nick is so stupid to cancel a great show like that yet give Barnyard another 20 episodes? Madness!
But it’s good to see more FOP…just hope the quality stays high.


This is fantastic news, I’m so happy that the nick-heads have given the FOP crew the freedom to experiment with ideas, this means that there are 40 episodes with little Poof yay! Maybe Anti-Cosmo could return with a bouncing baby boy of his own, hint-hint, nudge-nudge =]. Hehe congratulations to everyone at the Nick studios, this means I’ll be enjoying Fairly Odd Parents and SpongeBob during my first few years of university, oh-boy-oh-boy-oh-boy!


Congrats, Butch!


:) :) :) Cant contain my happiness I’m so happy I so I happy I could Cry Really congrats Im so happy that there will be more fairly oddparents It truly is an AMANZING show




MOAR FOP!!! 8D give sponge a run for his monies!


oh lol, if you guys are doing 20 moar FoPs, any chance of a DP cameo? XD (reply ftw! :D)


OMG!! *squeals and runs around in circles* More Fairly OddParents episodes??!! YYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! If only they would make more Danny Phantom episodes (best show on Nick besides FOP, and they never had a DVD of just DP!) or a DP/FOP crossover! THAT woulld ROCK!

Anyway, I can’t wait to see more of Poof!

Oh, I have an idea for an episode! How about Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof go into the future and see what Poof looks like when he’s a kid/teen/young adult? That would be cool!


lol i’d support that.

that or a Fairly OddParents/ Simpsons crossover where Bart and Lisa get Cosmo and Wanda. (had to make a 15 page script with group for my class. XD)

oh i love the J/T power hours!


-sighs sadly- Fairly odd Baby killed it.

Danny Phantom is better.

Hell, JIMMY NUETRON is better now.

However, Sponge Bob is still the worst.

But: Ivader ZIM = PWNZ ALL! p3h3r 17!


You just sound like a little baby o.o


^ XDDD. I don’t think it did, otherwise I doubt Nick would’ve ordered more episodes ;D plus the ratings were just fantastic, though it’s a matter of perspective wheter you think it killed it and other person doesn’t, it’s fine.


i think you’re just traumatized by the mpreg… XD (if wanda was preggers would it have been as funny?) that and i don’t recall any other cartoon having mpreg… lol


Congrats to the FOP crew!! 2010 is a good start… :-P

However, when are we gonna get some DVDs?!? I’m dying for some seasons on DVD!!


I’m so happy for everyone working on FOP! I love this show!!!! I’ll never stop watching it! This show is pure greatness it amazes me each epsiode!


The eps are awesome and super cool :D
I’m sooo happy for all of you!!! Keep up the good job guys, you’re doing GREAT!!! God bless


Wow, Its opening night for my play. Still, I found some time to talk to you guys. I agree with ICON. WE NEED DVDS! Anyway, wish me luck!


Congrats to the team for consistently great work. Viacom is a bunch of [dolphin sound]s and they wouldn’t be writing the checks if they weren’t cashing in on FOP. But seriously, I have an objection to rating TV for 2 year olds, and to parents planting kids that young in front of a TV regardless of the content. Don’t you? Oh well, I just need to be more secure in my masculinity, like Mom.



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