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Comments controversy.

September 4th, 2008

Good news (I hope). You no longer need to register to comment on The Fairly Odd-blog.

A few people have been sniping at me at the change in our comments system a few months ago. We added Disqus (pronounced ‘discuss’) after checking it out at the suggestion of our Tumblr friends, and realized it was a powerful way of not only for commenters to start a conversation directly with each other, but an easy way for them to discover other people in a wider community of blogs they might want to start reading.

That said, I probably made it a little harder to use than necessary by insisting that everyone register at Disqus before they could post. Aside from the folks that got confused, the extra step discouraged at lot of people from participating at all. That’s why the change.

Hope this makes it easier, and fun-ner, to be a part of our blog community. Please [Read more…]