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Meet Michael Dougherty

August 21st, 2009

Michael Dougherty
Michael Dougherty

It’s been a while since our last blog interview with a Fairly OddParents crew-member, but this sit-down with character designer Michael Dougherty will hopefully show it’ll have been worth the wait.

Frederator: Where did you grow up?

Michael: I grew up in Chula Vista, CA, a suburb of San Diego, which is about nine miles north of the Mexico border and nine miles south of downtown. My family lived in the predominantly Hispanic, blue collar neighborhood of Otay where one could, at any hour of the day, hear chickens clucking, Mariachi music playing, and church bells ringing down the street. My dad was a reservist with the USAF working at a local air base in non-destructive metals testing, and my mom was an elementary school teacher and homemaker. I am the sixth of eight kids. I have seven siblings: four brothers and three sisters. Growing up in a big family was a blast because we [Read more…]

Meet Eirik Paye

July 8th, 2009

Eirik Paye
Eirik Paye

You know what’s so special about July 8? Well, it was two years ago today Mr Eirik Paye officially joined the Fairly OddParents crew. Although Eirik’s spent most of his time on the series working on props, he’s more recently moved over to become the show’s newest background and layout artist. Let’s bother him with a few questions, shall we?

Frederator: Where did you grow up?

Eirik: I was born in Norway but moved to Santa Barbara, California, while I was still learning to toddle. The neighborhood my family finally settled in looks a lot like Calvin and Hobbes backyard only with actual bears, bobcats, coyotes – basically an assortment of wildlife that can eat your face. As a city, Santa Barbara has a lot to offer for anyone enthusiastic about the arts or raging brush fires. It was certainly an interesting place to grow up, geographically speaking.

Frederator: Dessverre snakker jeg bare litt norsk. When and [Read more…]

Meet Ken Bruce

June 16th, 2009

Ken Bruce
Director Ken Bruce

What does Fairly OddParents director Ken Bruce think about the current Iranian election turmoil or petting on the first date? I don’t know, but in this interview, we do find out a bit about his history with FOP and what he’s been doing for a prominent CG studio up north.

Frederator: Where did you grow up?

Ken: I grew up on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. I wish someone would’ve smacked me upside the head when I was a kid and told me to never take the view of the Pacific Ocean outside my bedroom window for granted. Our home also looked out over Marineland of the Pacific, a tourist mecca since 1955, where I worked selling stuffed killer whales during high school. Alas, the home of Orky and Corky is now a real estate development.

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Meet Michelle Bryan

May 26th, 2009

Michelle Bryan and Family
Michelle Bryan and the Byran Bunch - Michelle, Josie, Eric, and Mila

It’s time to check in with Michelle Bryan, Fairly OddParents director. Michelle’s been part of the Frederator world, off and on, for more than a decade, so it’s good to finally force her to cough up a few answers to our more pressing questions.

Frederator: Where did you grow up?

Michelle: I haven’t… you can’t make me! But, when I was young I lived in Cerritos, California. It’s a city about thirty minutes from downtown Los Angeles, near the 605 Freeway. When I was very young there were cows and farms – then Blamo! We got brand new “track homes,” a mall, a roller rink, and a Tic Toc convenience store.

Frederator: A Tic Toc! The blog readers will be jealous. What made you realize you wanted to go into cartooning?

Michelle: I like to laugh. When I finally found a job where you got [Read more…]

Meet Gordon Hammond

April 23rd, 2009

Gordon Hammond
Gordon Hammond

Well, now that we’ve gone and gotten all the dirt on Ernie Gilbert (and boy, is there a lot of it), let’s go down the hall and meet the OddParents’ other character designer, Mr Gordon Hammond.

Frederator: Where did you grow up?

Gordon: Garden City, Michigan, a town of about 30,000, twenty minutes or so outside of Detroit. My childhood there was kind of like the movie Stand By Me. It was a great place to be a kid. Not much of an art scene though, most people there work in the auto factories.

Frederator: So many Michigan natives in the cartoon business. What made you realize you wanted to go into cartooning?

Gordon: As a kid I was drawing everything I could get my hands on, mainly copying other people’s stuff. The most available sources were the comic strips in the Detroit News like Family Circus, Herman, and Wizard Of Id. Then I moved on to “trying” [Read more…]

Meet Ernie Gilbert

April 17th, 2009

Ernie Gilbert
Ernie Gilbert

Now that you’ve had time to absorb the fine details of the lives of Messrs Worthy and Conrad, we swing over to meet Fairly OddParents character designer, Ernie Gilbert.
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Meet Gary Conrad

April 8th, 2009

Gary Conrad
Five-year-old Gary Conrad, destined to wear a tux

Where would any of us be without Fairly OddParents director Gary Conrad? Let’s cross our fingers and hope we never have to find out. Mr Conrad was kind enough to answer a few questions for this interview where we learn… Something About Gary.

Frederator: Where did you grow up?

Gary: I grew up in August, Kentucky. Augusta is like a real-life Mayberry… truly Smalltown, USA. It’s also the hometown of George Clooney. And I want to say publicly that I wish George would stop boasting about us having the same hometown. Jeesh.

Frederator: Wait. So you grew up in Mayberry and Jim Worthy comes from a town like in Leave it to Beaver. Is this background common among animators?

Gary: Yes. I know several from Hooterville. But don’t get me started.

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Meet Jim Worthy

April 3rd, 2009

Jim Worthy
Jim Worthy by Craig Kellman

As we’ve been posting interviews with the Fanboy and Chum Chum cast and crew, we figured it’d be a good thing to go over to the main building at Nick and visit with the folks behind Butch Hartman’s Fairly OddParents (and over the 5 freeway with the gang at Adventure Time, too). No. 1 on the FOP list is a guy who’s probably worked on more cartoons than you’ve seen, background and layout designer Jim Worthy.

Frederator: Where did you grow up?

Jim: I was born and raised in Holland, Michigan, a small town on the big lake that is known for its Tulip Time Festival every year in May. It has many tourist trappings like Windmill Island and the Wooden Shoe Factory. You can watch an episode of Leave It To Beaver from the 60’s and that was my childhood.

Frederator: What made you decide to go into cartoons?

Jim: I didn’t choose it, it chose [Read more…]