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The Production Blog

GTKYC v.02 Eric Cookmeyer

March 8th, 2006

Welcome to this week¹s Production Blog! We will be updating you on our
production pipeline and then also “Getting To Know Your Crew” will be Eric

Mind the Kitty: Take Ones came in and look good!
Yaki & Yumi and Call Me Bessie!: Title cards are done (the final touch on a
show!) Hero Heights: Shipping out this week!
Bravest Warriors and FanBoy: Started Pre Production!

Now Get To Know This Crew Member… Eric Cookmeyer!

What’s up guys, Eric here. Just want to say it has been a real pleasure to work here at Nickelodeon on the Frederator shorts. Nickelodeon is probably the best studio I’ve ever worked for. All the creators, development and production staff have been all smiles. But at the same time very professional and creative.

About myself

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, on the northeast side. I’ve been working in animation for 5 almost 6 years. I’ve been at Nickelodeon for [Read more…]

Get To Know Your Crew

March 1st, 2006

This week on “Get To Know Your Crew”… Wisconsin’s own Jess Morris! Our super-awesome-cool-dynamo intern treks all the way in from The Art Institute of San Diego. Translation: her dedication means she drives 3 hrs. each way and stays overnight in a dank dirty motel to be here every Tues & Wed.

Jess is also a very talented artist. Soon she’ll leave us and become a famous sought after artist, ignoring us in the hallway and trying to run us all down with her fancy European car while throwing Faberge eggs at us. So please, Jess, blog away…

To start, my name is Jess and I am the Production Intern. I go to the Art Institute down in San Diego for Media Arts and Animation. A few years ago I left my family and friends in Wisconsin to follow my fascination for animation and anything that has to do with it. [Read more…]

The First Production Blog!

February 22nd, 2006

Late to the party, but worth the wait!! This is the official grand opening of the Prod Blog .
You will have a variety of hosts & MCs over the course of the season. We will attempt to entertain and inform. I’m your announcer, Line Producer “T” First up: production intern, Ms. Jess Morris…

Welcome to Production’s first blog!

We will be blogging once a week to let you in behind the scenes of Production. And you don’t even need a pass! Pretty cool hey?

In a nutshell, this is a dictionary definition of what we do:

Pro-duc-tion: pronounced (pro-duk sh en): A group of highly skilled professionals that work together to organize every detail of every short and tie up any loose ends.

This means we:

1.Oversee all artwork and paper work to make sure everything is accounted for and in order.
2. Prepare all black and white materials for shipment to Flash, 3D, or overseas studios.
3. [Read more…]